Thursday, September 07, 2006

House seems mighty quiet...

Yes, the children got to stay a few more days and now they are on their way home... and it's very quiet around here. There are a couple little ones missing from the picture- you know how difficult it is to coral kids for a picture? Ever try to count baby chicks? Well, believe me, it isn't a simple task. Paul had a cold and was still in bed and Andrew is only 1yr and not to be trusted in the morning dew. We had such a grand time. I baked 15 loaves of bread while they were here. The grilled cheese and venison sandwiches were their favorite- after all confessed they didn't like venison. Well, they had never had any of Bill's and it is more tasty than most. I got all 7 of the youngest ones down for a nap each day- in the same room- and they just snoozed their little hearts out. Naps are vital in big households- everybody needs a little down time. Andrew and DH Bill are now best buds. I'm not sure who will mope the most, now that they're separated. And I know you won't believe me, but you could hardly notice there was 8 more kids in the house. Except at meal times, but even that wasn't much more than my growing boys tend to eat. Hope their Mama doesn't think we ruined 'em too much. 'Cause we sure would like to have them back, sometime.

I did sneak into the quilting room and make a little something tonight. Just to remind myself I could. Then the girls(Eva and Bek) and I watched a movie. We had plans to go to the quilt show in Pendleton, tomorrow, but I noticed Eva has the sniffles. Think she is getting my cold. Pendleton is our special place. It is a quaint little town with 2 quilt shops. Ruth's Legacy, my favorite, is bright and airy with more contemporary fabrics. Needles is very nice and full of cozy colors. The quilt show is called "Quilts in the Park" and the weather has been so beautiful... Well, Eva is disappointed to say the least. After being in bed for 20 minutes, she hollers out to me that her nose has stopped running and she thinks her cold is gone. I didn't have the heart to tell her that it is hard for your nose to run when you are laying flat on your back. We had planned chicken salad croissants and creamed spinach soup at The Cabbage Rose and then a run to the old-fashioned candy store... I just can't go without her. So- maybe we'll stay home and can tomatoes. Now that just doesn't seem like a fair trade, does it?


quiltpixie said...

What a houseful! I can't even begin to imagine the noise and choas level, but then I'm sure the kids are good at looking out for one another some too :-)

Darcie said...

What a heavenly picture! All of the young faces, smiling willingly and happily...and that beautiful garden and greenery...with the foggy mist in the background. Looks like a great time!

Love your daughters' skirts. Did you make those, Mom? They are adorable...the skirts too! ;-)

Sorry that you have to miss your quilt show. Those fall sniffles are the worst, aren't they? I've got them myself...and am *spreading the wealth* to the rest of the household.

How far are you from Indianapolis? You probably already know this: THE GEE'S BEND QUILTS ARE THERE from October 8-December 31!!! How awesome!!! If you go...will you please promise to think of me while you're there?!?

Have a great weekend!

cher said...

what gorgeous children-sounds like a lovely time was had by all despite the sniffles. Sorry you are missing out on the special quilt, it doesn't sound like a fair trade to me-good that you got a little quilty time in as well.

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

No it doesn't seem fair, but then I imagine that you could get into a lot of mischief canning tomatoes if you tried hard enough!

Sarah said...

It is also not fair for you to even mention the chicken salad croissant sandwichs. Now you have me craving one and I JUST finished dinner!

Miss you! Call me next week when you are home and have some free time.

Love you!

Karen said...

Pendleton. So you are close to Conner Prairie. I worked there at one time. It's gotten incredibly developed around there, hasn't it. Is Noblesville completely modernized?