Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Half way through the week...

and not so much to show for it. Here is a picture of the last show quilt that I quilted for my friend, Tanya. I love the big, chunky Batiks- just bricks of different sizes. And then she criss-crossed it with silk ribbons. And at the intersections, we made little pebbles out of Angelina fiber and I appliqued them on before I quilted it with some flowy flowers and pebbles in the borders. I think the pattern was in a book about dots... sorry, I just can't remember the exact name. The Muncie Quilt show is tomorrow through Staurday.

I am still not halfway through that king-size quilt. And I slept on my shoulder wrong, so it is going to be slow-going, today. Wish me luck and have a great day!


Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

I am right there with you sista! Monday was spent at Walmart getting a new truck battery and groceries - oh, and WW. Tuesday was spent at home with Maddie, not getting anything done. Today!!! Today I have to get something done! I am about half way through quilting the pink and brown quilt. The mom of the little girl who it is for was telling me that they are hosting a Homecoming Gameday pancake breakfast in a couple of weeks at their house and she would love to be able to show off the quilt! So now I have a goal in mind.

I have also made the decision NOT to try and make my friends from church a quilt for their wedding in December. I have a lap size quilt already done and quilted and in colors that would go with pretty much anything. So I am going to slap the binding on it and call it done!

Miss you!

Love, Sarah

Darcie said...

It's so gorgeous!!! Very artsy...but not over-the-top. Wish I could see the Angelina pebbles better. Lots of work...but oh-so-worth it. Will this be displayed in your booth...or will it actually be entered? (I suppose I know the answer to that one.)

When you have a spare moment...I'd love to know the name of the book about dots. I have a thing for dots...circles...spheres...round thingies.

Can't you just picture this in postcard!?! You probably have already thought of that!

Beautiful work, Nines! So glad you shared!

cher said...

what a great idea to add that ribbon-it just makes this quilt special