Saturday, December 23, 2006

It's a blessing... and a curse...

...Nines is standing, contrite, in the laundry room.... It's 11:00pm, and she's in her nightgown...

"That's the price ya pay, Dan, when you marry a woman with a creative bent of mind..." there's a twinkle in Bill's eye as he says this and I can see his dimples, so I know he isn't too cross with me. There's clothes washer parts scattered about the room- buckets full of fuzzy water... Dan is handing Bill another tool. "Just think Mom, how much you'd have to pay to get this fixed if Dad weren't so handy..." "oh, she'll pay, son, she'll pay..." There's more than a twinkle in his eye now...maybe even a leer... Suffice to say, I paid.

  • 1 sweater= $3.50+1 new clothes washer= $350=1 very expensive handbag
  • A handy husband to fix the washer for free=priceless

I have come to several conclusions about felting- which is actually "fulling" since the sweaters are already knit...

  1. It's sadistic- taking a perfectly good sweater and "ruining"it.
  2. It's rebellious- blatantly ignoring the label and not only not "drycleaning only", but plunking the sweater into hot water, using harsh dishwashing soap- no mild detergent, throwing in a couple pair of jeans, and then tossing the sweater into the hottest dryer possible. Goes against all the laws of good laundering.
  3. It's masochistic- you're the one who has to pay for a new washer.
  4. It's a whole lot of fun! If you leave out the "little" worry of ruining your washer machine.

So... I was amazed at how much the sweaters shrunk up- the purple one is in the washer now. Oh I know, it's dreadful isn't it? But now that I know Bill can fix it... oh this is terrible. But I just can't seem to be able to stop myself... point #5... It's addictive. You never know what you're gonna get. I am saving the red sweater for a laundry mat and that is what I suggest for all you out there who don't have such an indulgent, sweet-tempered, handy man in your lives.

Dan's Feast...

Daniel is 15 and he's a classic. He likes classic cars from the 50's, football, and is an avid outdoorsman. He has the heart of a knight... always looking for the right thing to do and is singularly focused on doing it. He's always been that way. (I remember when he was 7 and a neighbor's little boy came into our yard - we lived in town then, and even though Daniel was younger and smaller, he told the boy to go back to his own yard and not to come back until he had decided to stop with the potty mouth!) As you can see, Daniel's feast was a fast food restaurant... We made up the menu and hung it in the living room- he set up a couple walkie-talkies and the children made their selections. Daniel made lots of static-y sounds and asked for them to repeat their orders- "You want grapes on your cheeseburger?" Then they "pulled up to the second window"- the door of the kitchen! where he had their meals all sacked and ready to take to the table! He had goofy little gifts in their meal bags and the kids had such a blast placing their orders. (The Joe Jr. burger is a joke- to tease his older brother. Joe has had some tummy problems and so we decided to joke about it- sometimes you gotta make light of things that worry you a little bit- Joe loved it and ordered 6 Joe Jr. Burgers!) Daniel put red and green streamers across the ceiling- very fast-foodish! The dessert was apple crisp and vanilla icecream. See? A classic. We all had a great time at a very original feast.


Angie said...

ROFL Oh Lord, Nines, please tell me that I'M NOT the one who's instructions you followed---and the washer got clogged up!!!!!! Hilarious Giggles going on here----I'm also headed to hide under the bed if I'm the cause of this and Bill's coming after me...ROFL

Merriest of Christmases, dear Nines (I would love to have a new washer AND another fridge!!! )

quiltpixie said...

had to be thankful that the instructions that I got with felting were to use the bathtub and stamp like you're making wine as I don't have a handy DH to fix a washer -- but am so glad your finding it fun :-)

Peni said...

THAT DAN!!! Reading about the feasts is ALMOST as much fun as being there!

Sorry about the washer...hope the fix and the payment were sufficient to hold...:)

Isobel said...

Hey Nines, I think you must have inherited something from me. I did the same thing to a handmade sweater/skirt set that a friend had loaned me for Kathy. Her MIL had made it for her daughter when she was small. Well by the time I finished with it one would have tobe really small to wear it. I think I still have it.

Darcie...Quilting By Darcie said...

Ohmygoodness!!! Your post is hilarious!

Well...sorry about the washing machine though. I totally can relate to your *5* conclusions. And may I add a 6th? It's so hip! (That's what the Knitster lady on one of the home channels says...honest!)

LOVE MacDaniels Feast. What a card he is! (I noticed the Mac instead of Mc. Is that German?!) ;-) What a lot of giggles there must have been!

Merry Christmas dear friend!!!