Saturday, February 17, 2007

This quilt doesn't exactly speak to me...

...hey, who are we kidding? It's BLUE and yellow so it isn't even making eye-contact, much less striking up a conversation. And do you think I could have crammed one more flowery fabric into it? But and however, it's not all about me. I made this quilt top for a friend...actually, I have never met her or even spoken with her... or shared correspondance of any kind... BUT she is married to a very dear friend of mine and so, I'll consider her a friend. They have a very sick little girl and he, my friend, just had brain surgery to remove some tumors. I was thinking to make my friend and their daughter a quilt... then it occurred to me- that poor mama needs a quilt packed full of blue skies and sunshine! Whatcha think? Even though I am not the biggest fan of blue, I can't deny that it is a cheery quilt. The pattern is, of course, Bonnie's pineapple blossom. I used the little leftover half-triangle squares for the middle border. And then just sewed my leftover 2" strips for the outer border. I really felt the need to get the blue flowery fabric out of the stash with all due haste! giggle Unfortunately, I don't have enough for the back, so I'll need to wait to quilt it until I can get out and do some shopping. I had some blue, but it was way too serious for this quilt. I do have enough of that inner border blue to bind it in, so I'm almost set.

I did get DH to pick me up some thread, yesterday, on his way home from work. It is just C&C, but beggers certainly won't be choosers. It feels like a good thing to have sewing thread in the house again. I did organize my quilting room and found another spool. I always need to do a fairly major overhaul when I finish a quilt. Do you? I seem to focus so much on the project, no matter how small, that when I finish, I look up and go, "What in the world happened in here?" So then it's time to regroup. I must have thrown out 2 bags of junk- just scraps and stuff. I have a box of magazines to pass on and big bag of patterns to give away. The post card habit has been detrimental to my decluttering efforts. I used to throw away llittle bits of fabric, but now I find myself holding on to every little scrap- it doesn't take much for a post card. Yesterday, I decided to pitch the lot and start all over. One thing time has taught me- there's always more where that came from! So the quilting room is at peace again. There are even some bare shelves. Hard to conceive, I know. It will take me a little bit to start back up again, but worth it to know where things are again and to have found some fun things to work on. I found about 20 UFO's! But to be fair to myself, only half of them are truly UFO's. The other half is remainders of projects- leftovers- that still look rather tasty. Things I might make into a small project. Plenty to play with while we are getting snowed in, again.

I thought you guys might enjoy this picture of one of the many snow forts in our yard. I asked what the laundry baskets are for and I was told they are for toting amunition. Notice the big pile of mortars on the left? The snow added up to about 20", and half way into it, there was some sleet, so it can be picked up in these big bricks. Which are not, under any condition, to be hurled at a child! But it is still, apparently, a lot of fun to hoist them over your battlements at the enemy and have them burst into a shower of snow! I have noticed that this is good exercise and the troops come in starving and sleepy. The little ones just can't play out because the snow is too deep and they can't walk around. We've had many a frustrated try, though. We are enjoying some fresh snow, today. Just a few more inches. Maybe 6, but enough to make everything look new again. Hope you are all having a good weekend. The most amazing thing just happened... But this is already a long post so I'll tell you about it later!


quiltpixie said...

laughed at the keeping all tiny scraps for postcards... I do that too, but have a specific SMALL tote for them. When its full, I either toss some out, or toss the srcaps I find... (the tote probably holds enough srcaps for about 150 postcards without replenishing, so no excuses!

Karen said...

Oh, lots of wonderful snow memories there in that photo.

Sarah said...

You can't say something amazing has happened and then not tell us! Haven't sewn in a couple of weeks. Wish we could have a sewing day and then some chinese for lunch! Why don't you fly down here for a couple of days and thaw out? Miss you!

Darcie said...

You're so sweet to quilt up some blue skies and sunshine! What a wonderful name for quilt that will surely spread some happiness to a well-deserving family.

Love the pic of the snowed in K family farm! Wow!!! Our snow is so rock hard and worn out from being blown from this direction to that direction. Our country roads are full of *speed bumps!*

Have fun in your *new* studio with your new thread! Hugs to you!

Peni said...

What a cliff hanger....when you haven't many tell it later times of late!!!

Love the quilt, hope you can get it done/off soon; as I'm excited for the recipients!

We're living in wonderland today.


Carrie said...

Well, I love that quilt! I'm a big fan of blue and yellow together, just for the reason you said - it's bright and cheerful.

I am planning on making my friend a quilt for her birthday, but can't find a pattern I like. I'm not sure why. She loves pink, so I want to do pink - and throw in a little red in there as well, with the background being white. But...I can't find anything that jumps out at me. Any suggestions?

You can email me if you want:

Have a great Monday!
God bless :)

P.S. Love the snow fort, reminds me of my childhood!

cher said...

love the photos...and surely that quilt will cheer up that poor wife no end! Hope you are able to get some backing fabric soon.

Sharon said...

I really like your blue & yellow quilt. . .I have been collecting FQ's of blue & yellow for a while & could not decide what to make with them --- especially since I really did not want to add white as a background.

Good luck with the backing fabric, and thanks again for the inspiration!