Monday, March 05, 2007


That's me, falling back to earth. Not falling off the ladder that I have been standing on for almost 5 days straight! But I am very happy to say that I am DONE! It is amazing how the rungs on a ladder wear out the soles of your feet- even through my Birkies. I was sorely tempted to take a break for a few days, but you now how hard it can be to pick a project back up once you've set it down... and a wall only halfway stenciled... not a look I wanted. Plus, our bed was in my quilting room- which was cramping my quilting life. I use my quilting room as a bolt hole, of sorts, and it just wasn't boltable there for a while. So the stenciling went on and on and on... I had to go around the room three times (a total of about 26" wide.) Yes, there were several moments when I thought to myself..."What were you thinking?!" But then I'd look up and think, "How nice." We hung the drywall in that room on 9/11/01. A memorable day. And now, nearly 7 years, it is almost finished. I mentioned to the boys that I think it would look even nicer with trim... then they accused me of never being happy... I said I was happy, but it's a fact, trim would make it look even nicer. Shesh. When we moved the furniture back into the room, I opted to leave out all the junk. So that stuff is still cluttering up the corners of the living room and the quilting room. Most of it belongs to DH. I have tried, over the years, to provide him with landing strips for all the various things that he has in his hands when he get in from work, but apparently the landing strips are never big enough, and when his stuff starts sliding off, I tend to catch it in a box. I count 9 boxes in the living room, at the moment. I don't know when he'll find the time to do the sorting as he has gotten himself a new job with Habitat for Humanity- running one of their home discount stores. WOOHOO!! So the boxes will wait. I was thinking I might tackle one every night before I go to bed- just take it to bed with me- pop in a good movie and start sorting. Most of it belongs in the "I don't know if I want this" category, and I'd say that the fact that it is in a box pretty much determines it's worth. I am so tempted to toss them all, sight unseen, but my luck, a W2 would be in one of them and I'd have to go dumpster diving. Again.


Peni said...

Oooohh. Aaaaah. I do like the chocolate ceiling and stencil!!!

Glad you're off the ladder, too.


quiltpixie said...

my feet ache, all the way to my knees, in sympathy! It is beautiful, and you will enjoy it long after the feet stop hurting :-)

Sarah said...

I thought your room was a blueish-gray. Am I confused? I love the stenciling. I feel the same way about all of Stacy's pocket junk. His dresser is always covered in STUFF. Hard to tell what could be trash and what is some priceless reciept!

Miss you!

Love, Sarah

teelduo said...

You go GIRL!!! That is very lovely!

Darcie said...

GOR-JUS!!! Love that color! Very rich and luscious-feeling. You'll have to hand dye a whole new collection of swanky fabs to go with your new suite, won't you?!

HFH! Congrats to your meant husband! (He's reading this, right?! Hey B!) Friends of ours work for HFH in Americus GA (where that hospital was ripped from a tornado). Loved your runway...or was it landing strip analogy. They are all the same in some ways, aren't they!

Hugs to you!!! Happy Tuesday!