Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I find myself in the middle of conflict. oh, nothing major. Just trying to figure out what direction to take on any given day concerning all the mundane things that need to be done. There are several little deadline projects and I am just trying to figure out what needs to be tackled, first. I think a priority list will help. Bill and I used to make lists of all the home improvement projects that needed to be accomplished. All of them. And then we would sit down and start to put them in order of importance. Like if it were winter time, insulating the house would probably get top billing while painting the trim could be put off. The problem is, the trim never gets painted, ya know? Sometimes you have to just grab something at the bottom of the list or you don't feel like you're accomplishing much. Here's my short list of things to do.

  1. Quilt Jonathan's graduation quilt
  2. Quilt Lindsay's graduation quilt
  3. Quilt J's house warming Minkee blankee
  4. Make Easter dresses for the girls
  5. Make doll dresses to match their Easter dresses
  6. Hang up the mountain of laundry on my dresser
  7. Put all of Bill's paper work that is on the piano in a tub- per his request
  8. Make Sarah's birthday quilt
  9. Make peanut butter easter eggs- a yearly tradition
  10. Do some serious cooking for Sunday
  11. Quilt A's quilt
  12. Clean the house
  13. Order quilting thread
  14. Call Bill home and get him to light the fire in the quilting room (self-starting ignitions don't work for this "self")
  15. More laundry
  16. Blogging

I can see where there are a few more crucial items on the list- Easter is Sunday, after all. The items in blue I have already gotten a start on.

So, what do you think of that batik backing? I just love it and think it is a great match for the blue quilt my Mom made. It is 110" wide, so no piecing! I liked it so much, that I decided to get some for A's quilt.


Peni said...

I'm feeling conflicted today, too. I've finished packing and there's no other priority on the maybe it's in the air? Guess I'll go do up the dishes and play with postcards.

Really like the batik!!!!!

Really like you, too. XOXOXO Mom

Dawn said...

Oh I LOVE that blue and brown quilt on the right. That one is coming to me isn't it???!!!!

I LOVE it!

atet said...

I know what you mean about priorities and lists. Unfortunately, most of my list items are along the laundry/cleaning vein (and homework and grading) rather than on the fun and quilty vein.

At some point, you just have to say enough. Some things just will not get done, even if you wanted to do them -- but if you try to do everything, you go insane! And as I say this -- I am off to do one of my bottom of the want to, but top of the priority items (but I don't WANT to know how badly my students can mangle the English language!)

Darcie said...

The batik is lovely! Could be a quilt all by itself, couldn't it.

I'm so glad that you chose blogging as one of your priorities! It's always so good to hear about your goings on. Can we see the girls' Easter dresses?!? Ooh...and peanut butter eggs sounds delightful. I do suppose I can wait until after Easter for you to make those!

;-) Hugs to you on this Maundy Thursday. Blessings....

Bingo~Bonnie said...

Peanut-butter Easter Eggs??? oh they sound yummy!!! Please post photos when you are making them and if you would like to share the "how-to" that would be great too ;c)

Happy Easter Weekend! ~Bonnie in SE Texas

Isobel said...

I love the batik. Just reading you list makes me tired so I believe I am off to bed to read for a while. Your uncle and I were actually out till past dark that may sound funny to someone younger but when you don't drive after dark, you don't have as many bugs on the front of your car.....or perhaps you are just getting too old to be out after dark.....hmmmm I can still remember when I was too young to be out after dark.

Kim said...

Oh, I love the blue and brown quilt! If I was you, I'd burn the list and start quilting! LOL! But I know--it's not in a mom's nature. So, I hope you get everything you need to do finished.

Carrie said...

Oh yeah, I'm a big believer in making lists! I could make a list of all my lists, even LOL

I love the quilts, that backing is gorgeous!

Have a great day and Happy Easter!!
God bless :)

Carrie said...

And oh yeah...can you post a little something more about those peanut butter easter eggs? Pleeeeease? :)

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

You are the random maverick I found today, do you feel "random"?

Gotta love a list maker! I think the batik is a perfect backing. Keep up the good work, Tracey

YankeeQuilter said...

Lists...I have random pieces of paper all over the house with notes on them. I'm not organized enough for lists anymore! As much as I love quilting it is only Easter once a year - I vote for the peanut butter eggs (but i do tend to vote with my sweet-tooth!)