Friday, May 04, 2007

Just to show I'm still alive...

I thought I'd better post something. As a quilter, I do believe this is my busiest time of year. How about you guys? Lots of quilt shows, college graduations, high school graduations, and weddings. Shew! I think, if possible, that I have been busier now than at Xmas. In another week, I'll be trying to get the garden in. I have noticed the local farmers are starting to plow- I don't remember a year when they were so late in getting things into the ground- It has been so wet and so cold, this spring. Just keep that little tidbit in mind when it comes time to gamble in commodities!
I have finished 4 graduation quilts- one I pieced and the other three I just quilted. I told them that we would need to keep it real simple to get them all done, and I didn't hear any objections. Woo-hoo. Meanders and loopy loops all the way around- except for mine, of course! But there should be some perks to being the quilter! I even quilted up a Disney princess quilt. I found a very pretty variegated thread from King Tut that had lots of pastels and it looked real sharp in that sea of white. White quilts stress me 'cause no matter how many times you sweep and dust and such, there is always a navy blue thread just dying to become entombed in a white quilt!
This blue and red quilt block was a trial piece that I did and decided that I liked it well enough to make a soldier quilt from it. I accidently cut the strips the wrong size and you can see how the blue is overlapping. That really bugged me, but my guys begged me to leave it that way- I think they were afraid that the red would morph into hearts if it was more balanced... I guess I see their point. I kinda like how the batik blocks seem to float and leave a shadow. It's a very guy quilt, huh?
I have new favorite CD. It is Fernando Ortega and Carrie, if you don't have it , you should! He is a pianist and plays beautifully. But he also writes almost all of his songs and they are just wonderful. He has a very "real" voice and this particular CD is just very worshipful. "In the Shadow of Your Wings." is the name of it. That top picture I just couldn't resist posting. Doesn't that little boy look just like his daddy?


teelduo said...

oooh I really like the colors and the look of that quilt. Very Nice!

Umm I think your dh has several little boys who look just like him. But that last one is a big ole cutie patootie!!!

love ya

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

Yes this is a busy time of the year. Love the fabric in your quilt. Your two men are very cute and yes they do look alike.

atet said...

What a handsome pair! I actually agree with your guys about the quilt -- kind of modern with the way the squares overlap. Hang in there -- things do eventually slow down. At least, that's what I keep on telling myself!

Darcie said...

Indeed he looks like his Daddy!!! But cuter! ;-) (I'm just jokin' Bill!)

I love this quilt!!! Your soldier is very lucky to receive this piece from you. Do you know how you're quilting it yet? I can't wait to see it. You make the best *mistakes* ever!!!

Your long list of to-dos is getting much shorter, isn't it. You're so focused! Good girl! you buy your teas from Pearl Outdoors? My, some of those sound tasty even to me...the coffaholic!

Hugs to you!!!

Peni said...

Those sweet guys!!!! XXXX XXXX Gotta love 'em!

Like the quilt, too. Happy little accidents, as the painter says, keep life a lot more interesting.

Love you so, Mama

Sarah said...

Abe is getting so big!

I was beginning to think you had disappeared. Looking forward to see you in a little over a month!!! I think I am going to bring Maddie with me and leave Ian in Tennessee for his time alone with Grams and Papa. And then I will take Ian home with me and leave Maddie there for a few days. I know Maddie will be glad to see your girls again.

We are home from san Antonio and ready to collapse. Got lots of kisses from the kids. The house is still nice and tidy! Yeah!!!

Talk to you soon. I have got to get working on your b-day quilt! Where did the year go?

Love you! Sarah

YankeeQuilter said...

We are always so much tougher on ourselves...the quilt is just fine. Good luck getting though the busy time.

Carrie said...

Hey! Thanks for thinking of me, I will definitely check out that CD. Sounds very interesting, and I'm always game for finding new piano music!

Have fun quilting!
God bless :)

Dawn said...

He is so cute! I've always thought he was so adorable! Abe that is not DH!

YOur not the only one so busy. I don't know what end is up!