Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I've missed you!

I've been out of circulation, lately. Can't say why, actually. My computer did crash and burn on me. That might have something to do with it. I still have hopes of resurrecting it... maybe. As it stands, I am sharing my sons' computer. They are quite generous, but I just seem to be at an ebb as far as writing is concerned. Maybe I'll pick back up again when the weather cools. I miss beebopping around to everyone's sites and getting all inspired by your many talents.

This is this month's find. It was at an antique shop- the same shop where I found that Grandmother's flower garden, I am a sucker for a red quilt and old ones are not so easy to come by. There is an embroidered block in this top which reads:

  • To Larry
  • From Grandmother P
  • age 75
  • In the year 1955

Isn't that cool? The piecing and workmanship are excellent. All hand done with tons of inset seams. There is about 54 pieces per block. It's a little on the busy side- but what do you expect in the year 1955? And I love it that way! I have already bought the backing and as soon as I get some more thread, I'll be quilting it up. (I hate ordering thread- so expensive- but very exciting when it comes in!) What shall I quilt on it? Well, now, probably something busy...

I'm going back to that shop the 7th of September- thinking I'll have enough money saved up to get one more top- she has this simply hideous pea green one that I want in a bad kind of way. I am not too worried that it will have sold- I mentioned it was hideous, didn't I? Actually, it's a quite charming 9-patch, but the color is odd and people seem to like something a bit more traditional. My girls and I have our "girly-girl" day scheduled for that weekend. We wear dresses, paint our nails, go to the quilt show, eat at a tea room and have a great day at the park. Oh, and we go to the candy store- wouldn't want to leave that out as the girls wouldn't soon forgive me! Hope to be talking to you soon!


Peni said...

That's a Grandma Oe quilt if it is almost after her time. Wow!

Hideous pea green...sounds about right.

We've missed you, too! Mama

Darcie said...

You've been GREATLY missed too!!!

What a terrific find for you...and lucky for the quilt as well! It's sad though, isn't it...that Larry may not have gotten to even see what his G'ma P was creating for him. But I suppose...I may have a few of those of my own....

Can't wait to see the hideous green one! That weekend will be here before you know it!

Many hugs!!!

PS...Thanks guys...for letting your Mom use your computer! ;-)

Carrie said...

I've missed you! That quilt is fabulous. What a great find!
Have a great day!
God bless :)

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

Great quilt! You have been missed. Enjoy your time and have fun.

Lucy said...

This top is awesome and special because tehr eis a written block in it :-)

Dawn said...

Just stopping in to say hi! I've been busy this summer too! Hope the kids are all doing well! And hope you get that hideous quilt top! :)

atet said...

What a fantastic find! I've missed hearing about your adventures. Hope you get that quilt top -- after your description I HAVE to see it!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

oh it's beautiful. what a gorgeous top and that inscription just makes it even better. I hope you quilt your name and year into it as well.