Friday, December 21, 2007

Evabeth's feast...

Last, but not least... Evabeth is 8. She is a sweetheart, in a grown-up kind of way. She tends to take things seriously. She was with John when he last fell on his face and she promptly checked him out, said he was bleeding and then burst into tears. Give that girl a job, though, and you can count on it getting done. She is very attached to her younger sister. When Eva and I went shopping for her feast, she must have asked me 5 times, "What do you think Bekah is doing, now?" The only time you find them apart is when Bekah gets too cold outside and Eva still wants to play. Eva would stay outside all day if I let her. (Every 6 months we take her picture in this exact spot. It is at Riley Childrens' Hospital, in Indianapolis. My nephew is a patient there, also, and I think my sister should take his picture there, too. OK, Lisa?)



Her feast was scrumptious. While she and I were in the kitchen preparing her feast, Joe hollers in that she needs to hurry up because he is starving- he likes to tease the girls. She yells back, "The longer it takes, the gooder it will be!" Joe had a good laugh over that one! I think she was trying to create the atmosphere of a fancy restaurant, because she had Jacob stroll around the table playing his violin. He has a very loud violin-did you know different ones sound different- like a personality? Finally, she had to ask him to go ahead and stop, so we could hear ourselves think. She had chocolate dipped strawberries- she dipped them herself and they were soooo good. And she also had orange wedges in a big trifle bowl. She had to have candles at her feast because she knows how much the boys like to squeeze the oil from the peels and make sparks over the flame. You haven't tried that? Well, it is a lot of fun and I don't normally condone such behavior... but it WAS feast day!(Bill is getting nervous that the boys' table manners are going to shock the southerners... I have a feeling I know what he'll be talking about during their 9 hours of captivity on the drive down to Bama.) She had chocolate milk in stemware- Abe is going to be so happy when the fancy glasses get put away. He has to cover the top of the cup with one hand as he lifts it and brings it to his lips- to keep it from spilling over! He is so careful. Her main course was waffles, polish sausages and poptarts. giggle. But they thoroughly enjoyed everything. Her dessert was angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream. She went around the table and used her best British accent to take their orders for dessert. When they said they'd have both strawberries and whipped cream on their cake she'd thank them for co-operating!


We found a deal on her gifts. they were clearing out some shelves at Walmart- making these little stationary kits down to 10cents. We bought about 20, at least. They had a stapler, extra staples, tape and a hole punch- all in a cute little plastic duffle bag. She was so tickled with the find- she loves to draw and doodle and paste and punch. She could stay quite content in my scrapbook supplies- she has her own collection of less expensive papers. All in all, the feast season passed very well.


Darcie said...

What a little angel! Eva's Feast sounds sweet...just like her. Love that she wanted to create an atmosphere with the help of her brother's musical talents. What a team player!

9 hours?! Well...'the longer it takes...the gooder it will be!' Right, Eva?!

I'll miss you!

Peni said...

And they don't get any gooder than Evabeth!

But the feast days CAN'T BE's too soon, too soon.

Annie said...

Oh, that feast season is so much fun. I enjoyed it right along with your family.

: )

Isobel said...

Sounds tasty. I was feeling a little puny this evening so I had hot chocolate (sugar-free) with marshmallows. Then I was hungry so I had half a bagel with cream cheese and olives. I think Evabeth's sounded better.

Susan said...

What a darling little girl. She sounds like a real treasure. That was a menu designed to please young men, I'm sure! =)