Wednesday, December 19, 2007

John's Feast...

Some of you may feel that this isn't a good picture of John. Trying to find a picture of John where his lip, eye or mouth isn't bashed in... now that's a challenge. His older brothers keep threatening to teach him to put his hands out and catch himself. And yet, to no avail. John is like that. He's funny and happy. Happy and funny. He is 11 years old and a bundle of energy and enthusiasm.

His feast was an extravaganza of kingdomness. At least, that's what he said! He had the table decorated with a golden lame table cloth, lots of candles, the good china with the gold edges... and colored twinkle lights. His gift was an assortment of mugs. His meal... well, his apetizer was Totino's pizza rolls and a pomegranate- (have you ever eaten a pomogranate? If you haven't you really need to try them. They are yummyliscious. Even if I can't spell them correctly. We just score the peel- like you do when you are peeling an orange and pull it apart. Now, there are a lot of seeds but well worth the effort.) His main course was home-made macaroni and cheese with little smokies in it and... beenieweenies. Wouldn't you just love to visit this kingdom? "Sire, your beenie weenies are served." A regal dish. And he had pomagranite floats or rootbeer floats. His dessert was orange dream popcicles. What a kid!
And I forgot! He also made crowns for everyone out of gold foil and glued little plastic jewels on them. So I had a table of royalty!


Susan said...

Oh, I so enjoy your posts about this! John sounds like he's a great boy, and I, for one, could tolerate living in a kingdom where the king at beenie weenies and macaroni with little smokies. =) We had a pomegranate . . . grove? in our backyard, and my dad used to make pomegranate syrup all the time. I miss that!

Michele said...

Now that's my kinda kingdom! A feast fit for the royalty in my house too! Thanks, John!

Darcie said...

I know that my Trent would agree that those little smokies are fit for a king! We have to have them every Christmas!

Love all of the gold and glitter that John created for his Feast. And pomegranates! Quite festive,...ou're a dear and patient Mom to help him with those!

Love you bushels!