Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Leapin' Lizards!

This is a little quilt for a little feller. His name is Alex Rex. Now, I thought that was an odd combination for a name, too. But I'm not one to talk. Nothing near as odd as my kids! Turns out he is named after both of his grandfathers, so I think that's real sweet. Alex is celebrating his 1st birthday this month and I still need to get the label on- it's all printed up and only needs about 10 minutes of attention and then it'll be on it's way. This is a Twisted Sister pattern- called "truly twisted" because the fans run in alternate directions. That was accidental, because I forgot to lay out all of the fabric right-side up when I was cutting around the template. But hey! it's fun, right? And I thought that the lizard fabric was bright and cheery and he'd still think it was cool when he's 5y. Can't wait to show you the one that is going to his uncle. But I didn't have my tallest helpers here today and I could only get a corner in the frame... Maybe next time.


Isobel said...

I think Alex is a pretty special name since I have one of those. He is 21 years old today.

Susan said...

What a great, bright quilt for Alex Rex! I think it's neat they named him for both Grandfathers.

atet said...

What a lovely little quilt for a young one. And I loved the story of the Redwall feast!

Darcie said...

I love your happy cutting accident! Makes it look like the fan blades are doing a modern dance.

Are your tall helpers still out hunting?

I forgot to mention: I love that aged wood that is in the background of Paul's pic!!! We've got lots of it around here...but we don't have a Bill there it all sits.... ;-)

Bunches of hugs to you!!!

Peni said...

Like the leapin' lizards and jockeying pinwheels...especially fun and masculine. Very happy project. You are so special!