Monday, March 17, 2008 what color shall I paint the bathroom???
Dh has this orange shirt that I just love, it's so soft... yeah, that'll work! He was a bit...flabbergasted by the whole thing. He said he was glad his shirt is not semi-gloss!

Thinkin' spring!

The weather has been warming and the kids and I have been finding any excuse to spend some time, outdoors. Yes, the north sides of the hills still have some snow, but it feels lovely! We have only a few trees around us- just acre after acre of fields, but our friend, Kathy, has a woodlot, and it's one of our favorite places to hang out on a sunny afternoon. We climb trees, have "sword" fights and even pole vault. I say "we" 'cause I am a supportive audience, ya know. It's gotta count for something.

I can't say I have been spending much time in the quilting room. What's wrong? Well, nothing really. I am just too busy doing other things. I painted my bathroom- after living in a construction zone for 8 years, painting is fun, but it's never as simple as in a finished home. Joint compound to apply and sand, then priming the walls, painting, and we're still without trim. But I'm pretty happy with the progress... I have a picture around here, somewhere... and I can't seem to arrange them in any particular order, so you're on your own to figure out how it all came about!

There, see? It was a team effort! What a crazy thing it is, to look around you and realize that so many of your children are bigger than you are! With our five oldest being boys, that is happening all too often. I had all eight of them in the kitchen with me this afternoon, cooking up a storm- what a crowd! DH Bill comes in and just shakes his head, "You're surrounded!" Yep, that about sums it up. Of course I have been surrounded for quite a few years, but now that so many of them are getting "adult-size" you start to realize just how outnumbered you are! Oh, it's a good thing! have a great week!


Sarah N. said...

I should have known you would paint the bathroom orange!!! You are right - it does match Bill's shirt! Glad I got to talk to you for a second this afternoon. Love you!

Susan said...

I'm guessing that orange is a color you like. =) It looks good in the picture!

Karen said...

Hardly news to you, but your kids are so darn cute!

julieQ said...

Happy Spring is coming to you! Happy Easter!

Darcie said...

Oh man!!! I love your bathroom!!! I know that 8 years is a long time...but for me, it was worth the wait!!! LOVE THE ORANGE!!! (We're doing -- well "doing" may be a little strong..."planning" perhaps -- orange accents in our lower level black and white bathroom.)

LOVE the pics of your family...but're never "in" them!