Thursday, April 10, 2008

Blue reruns...

The above little table topper is made from leftovers of the leftovers of this quilt! Just like leftovers- they don't go away soon enough! I don't mind leftovers, generally speaking. I mean, leftovers do make things easier. All the ingredients are there together. But, eventually, you get tired of the same thing, right? So this little table topper I gave to my friend Donna and all the little scraps I gave to her daughter Diana, who is a budding quilter. I shall never run into leftovers from this quilt ever, ever, again. Ahh... that feels soooo good!


Sarah N. said...

Are we gonna get to see Donna's quilt?

Darcie said... sparkles! Just like its "mother" quilt.

Lotsa hugs to you!!!