Friday, May 23, 2008

Got that soldier's quilt put together. I think it turned out pretty snazzy. Got the back sewn up. That's the cream colored fabric there. It's a Debbie Mumm- and is so soft! (I avoided using any true white- he has been sending pictures of dust storms- he says they are like sand storms only no wind- just like someone is dumping truckloads of dust. Says it does drop the temps 10-20 degrees- but it gets into everything! So it's red, tan, and blue, for him.)
Even got it on the quilting frame, yesterday morning, with the help of my sis. Well, we chatted on the phone while I pinned- makes that particular chore go by so much faster! Any excuse to talk to her, dontcha know! I plan on getting that all quilted up, today. Hopefully. And put the binding on. I wanted to use that border fabric for the binding, but I just wasn't impressed with the quality- seemed a little thin, so I'll be binding with the red or the blue. Which do you think?
I admit, I've been a distracted quilter, this week. First, I worked on a doily for a couple hours and then, well, I think I was missing HST because I saw this pattern in a magazine- you know how it is, you see a pattern you just have to try- just one block... But wow, this one block... I'm doing a red, tan, and blue version- just because that's where I am. Maybe I'll get that done, today. It's rainy out and that always seems to help when it comes to buckling down and getting some work done. Who am I kidding? Work? hardly. But don't tell anybody that I'm really just having fun.


Peni said...

Work? Fun? It's genetic...but I'm not saying where you get either :) Love you so.

Nice quilt, too.


Wayne said...

Papa is tired of sorting through my I made him one of his own. The next voice you hear will be your Papa....

teelduo said...

Oh it's beautiful! Thanks for calling and I am glad I could help the time go quick! Course I suspect it didn't take the entire 50plus mins to pin it. ROFL

love you OXOX