Friday, June 27, 2008

Cutesy crumbsy...
Aren't these crumbs adorable in my friend, Sandy's quilt? I think I've made a crumb-making monster! I showed her the crumb concept a few weeks ago and she whipped up enough(270, 3" blocks!) to make sashing for these sweet little embroidered children. What a neat idea! I took a picture of the whole quilt, but alas, my hands were shakin' a tad- so it didn't come out clear. But I think you get the drift with just the one block. I just thought it was a cool use for crumb blocks. Sandy was sweet enough to embroider me a set of redwork children- can't wait to get them in a quilt. I never much saw myself using an embroidery machine, but these little blocks are just so charming!! I am collecting red and white fabs to set them in. Topsy turvy is the plan.
I've been making words and putting them in pillow tops. I have three tops made, so far. I'll show you as soon as they are done. I'm washing them now so that they get nice and crinkledy. Love that. My quilting room is a disaster and my Mama is coming to visit! Eeek! Time to stop the playin' and get to work! Have a great day!


teelduo said...

Oh that is gonna be beautiful!!!!!!

Peni said...


P.S. Your mama won't care a fig about a topsy turvy quilting room.

Julie said...

Wow, 270 crumb blocks! That's a bunch. What a pal she is to make all those. They are very addictive...I should know (wink.)

That quilt will be just adorable, so retro, too.

Julia said...

I really must get on the Crumb band wagon! These are so cute! Such a clever way to use them!

Darcie said...

Oooh...have fun with your Mama and Pops! ;-)

Love the crumbs. Can't wait to see your little topsy turvy ones! Perhaps that'll be the "entertainment" for you and your Mama to work on while she's visiting?

Lots hugs to you and the rest of the Ks!