Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Thought I'd share some pictures with ya.
  1. That doily is the funky one I bought myself for my birthday. Isn't it cheery and fun? Like a giant cobweb- on meth. I love the bright color- very retro. I think it looks great even with my primitive things, though. Matches the garland of flowers nicely.
  2. There's a picture of my swing that my sweet man got me for my birthday. I am lovin' it! I sat on it with my neice, last night, while we crocheted together. She is making dish rags in the shades of sunshine. I am working on a doily in Darcie Taupe. By the way, Darcie, I get my thread at Hobby Lobby and Walmart. It's 10 weight and the brand is Aunt Lydia's. Hope that helps. I also use a #7 or #8 hook. I'll bring you some thread when I see you in September, K? Yes, that is my "purse." I finally gave up trying to carry a "cute" bag and resigned myself to something more the size of a peice of "carry-on" luggage. You need room for crochet thread and diabetic supplies. And a small child, if needed!
  3. The last picture is of the view from my swing! The June skies are something to behold with their big puffy clouds and the clear blue of early summer. My closest neighbors' house is visible- about 1/2 mile. His name is Laverne and he's what I call a "good ole boy." Some one you can call on when you're in a bind. If you have the guts to pass the rottweiler and the doberman...


Peni said...

You're so funny...and the doily works for me!!!

Love the thought of you on that swing, seeing that scene.

Quilt Pixie said...

the swing is wonderful -- well positioned for a great view. Hope it gets some shade and you can spend many an hour crocheting away :-)

Karen said...

Beautiful photos...love the colors in the first one. Perfect birthday present, too!

Darcie said...

That doily setting is adorable...like something out of Country Living magazine. So glad that you didn't pass up that purchase. Mmm...and the wooden bowl! LOVE it!!! Does it have a family history?

What a peaceful little setting with your new swing! (Does that mean no retro biffie in the yard then?) I can just hear the birds chirping and the kiddos playing...and see you whizzing away with a ball of thread. (Thanks for the pointers...I guess that's what I've been seeing then. You just make it all look so much more magical than when it's wound up in a ball.)

Love you tons!

Libby said...

Wowza! I think I'd sit in that swing and crochet doilies while taking in that glorious view all day long!

*and I can't crochet*

Julia said...

I love that doily, reminds me of the ones my Mom and Grandma used to make.

Your swing is fantastic. Does it get some shade during the day? I love to sit in the swing, watch Ethan play and read or knit or crochet or just sit!

Julie said...

That doily, wah hoo! Just like the one I made back in the olden daze when Great Aunt Elsie taught me to crochet. It may be the very one!

I luv, luv, luv the swing. What a wonderful spot.