Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sweet girls...
Grandmother has returned to the mountains and Grandfather. We're sad, but we had a wonderful time. She promises to return with the handy man, soon. The mower-deck, the weed whacker and the chainsaw are all broken. Things like that happen in three's, according to hillbilly lore. I don't mind the weeds too much, but a mown lawn would be nice.
Grandmother gave the girls a couple of her nightgowns. They are snugglely soft! The girls are as brown as nuts from all the sunshine they've been enjoying.
News Report... I actually sat down and sewed some, today!! Shocker. I just haven't been inspired and the past few weeks have been doily central. And that's OK. But then, the other night, I had this dream about 60* triangles and the valley of the shadow of death... no, it wasn't a creepy dream, just matter of fact. So I cut out tiny triangles and have 9 out of 12 rows, sewn. They are pretty small. And it didn't turn out like I dreamed. Not a shocker there. The execution of something is often a far cry from the inspiration. But it's fun, just the same.


Peni said...

Oh, those really are such sweet girls.

Glad you got to sew a little. Thanks for the quilting; they look great and now I need to buckle down to some binding...think I'll just use the machine.

Miss you something fierce!

Merrie Cuylter said...

Maybe it's time to get some goats to do your mowing and weed whacking (and fertilizing). In true hillbilly fashion! Happy birthday!
Karen O, Western Washington

Darcie said...

Aren't they just the sweetest little princesses...all ready for a night of sweet slumber. Does their Grandmom sew these gowns?

Glad that you feel like sewing. all comes back...just gotta give these fallows a little time to work themselves out. ;-) You're going to show us your progress, yes? ;-)

Love you tons!

Julia said...

What sweet adorable girls!!!
Can't wait to see what you created from a dream.