Thursday, September 11, 2008

Just couldn't resist...

posting this picture. They are so sweet and can't you just see how happy they are? Sigh. Joe was here for one week and then he had to go back to Alabama(Laurie Anne) for a week- only a week, as he promised his little sisters. We actually swapped out- I have her baby sister for the week. fair enough trade.

We have made 10+ gallons of applesauce, this morning. Might make some apple butter from some of it. We have been playing, otherwise. You believe that? Well, the kids have, anyway. They had a bonfire late last night. This morning, after the first 8 gallons of apple sauce, we took a break and I whipped up some funnel cakes- Sarah Fran- my neice, had never heard of them. Isn't that sad? She is now a big fan- especially with honey. What's not to like?

I did get a wallhanging quilted and bound. A small job. But now I am back to the stove to finish up the applesauce. Everybody have a great day!


Isobel said...

10+gallons? I am working on a few pints...I wanted apples that would just cook up and make chunky applesauce but mine didn't do that and now I have to run them through the foley mill....bummer.

Chrissie said...

I'm impressed! You and your family really go to it with the canning! :) I've got a few apples, and would like to make apple sauce and apple pie filling - may I have your recipes? it would be so helpful! Thanks so much for all the posts - it is such a delight to read!
God bless you!

FabricMom said...

Apple butter, apple sauce, and funnel cake. You are making me hungry.