Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Had a wonderful time...

Can ya tell? The water wasn't too cold, and while you couldn't have stood to swim in it at this time of year, it felt quite refreshing on the tootsies. Our cabin was just a little bit up the bank. All day and all night, you could hear the water as it splashed it's way down the mountain. Today, I noticed that the wind rustling through the corn, all copper and dried, sounds just like Glade Creek. Isn't that cool? Whoda thunk?

Bill and I stayed two nights in the cabin(Babcock State Park) and then we mosied up the road to visit with dear friends and pick up Daniel. Bill is always happiest when he has a tool in his hand, so he, with some help, built a very nice deck for our friends. I had a relaxing time of it, sitting in a lawn chair and offering a very lightweight hand now and then. Bill, Daniel, and Alan had some manly bonding- hope I didn't get in the way, too much.

After a few days there, we made it back to the farm, and we were happy to see that the kids hadn't done Grandmother or Grandfather in! Listen, just feeding 7 more people is a huge job for anyone! No one seemed the worse for wear and I think we all had an equally good time. Grandfather had lots of help with the chores and Grandmother had a very appreciative crew at the dinner table- especially the bread pudding!

Now that we are home, I am slowing trying to move in the direction of some sort of order. I am wondering if I'm catching a cold or if the cut soybeans are the culprit. I've actually dusted off the sewing machine and the quilting machine- how cool is that? I have sewed a few blocks just for the fun of it and I have a quilt loaded on the rack- ready for the batting that I need to run out and pick up. I like to put all of my running into one day, how about you? I just hate to ruin a perfectly good day at home with an errand- maybe I just hate to take my apron off... At any rate, I'm having breakfast with Sandy in the morning, cold or not, and then we are going to a small guild quilt show and then, I'll run my errands so I can stay put for another week! It was a wonderful vacation, but as ever, it's good to be home.


Julia said...

Welcome Home!!! So glad that you have a wonderful time! You look so cute sitting there with you feet in the stream!

I hope that you aren't getting sick. I just finished up 2 miserable weeks a few days ago. The coughing nearly drove me insane, especially at night!

I like to do all of my running in one day too!

Take Care and it is great to have you back!

Isobel said...

So glad you had a good time...try to stay well, kiddo.

Darcie said...

You're so sweet and innocent looking with your tootsies in the babbling brook! Just like a young girl, with her beau watching with adoration. ;-) I'm thinking your Sweet Will snapped this picture for us?!

Sounds like a grand time was had by all during your vacation. Glad you're home though, safe and sound and where you want to be.

I'm with you. Gotta do it all in one day...or not at all. I'm a homebody too. ;-)

Love you tons!!! Been missing you!

Peni said...

Super picture! Hope the sniffles go away with the soy beans. If not, chicken soup and extra hugs from kiddos ... recent experience tells me those hugs go a long way. Sure miss those guys and the fun we had.

Finished that jeans skirt today and started on the nightgowns. So, I must be getting back to "normal" too.

Love you bushels, sweetheart!