Tuesday, January 06, 2009

More is more...

7 random facts for Julie:

  1. I love gummy bears, but gummy worms? ick, they make me gag.
  2. Hot, cold, pickled or plain, I love beets.
  3. St Jude Hospital commercials always make me cry.
  4. I love having my hair brushed- but that makes it spring out of control. Curly hair and brushing, not a good combination.
  5. I sew everyday except Sundays.
  6. I love sunshine- I could sit on the window ledge like a cat all day, as long as the sun is shining.
  7. I have too much stuff! Anybody want some?

This quilt was made by my Aunt Isobel. I love it because it reminds me of something my Grandma- and great grandma- would do. She made the top out of wools, corderoy(sp?), suiting and denim. I found a very nice wool blanket at the thrift shop for $3 so that is the batting and an old- but still very functional- sheet for the backing. The binding is leftovers from another quilt and I even used up all my little extra bits of bobbin thread . I meadered in candy apple red and it turned out so pretty with the extra push(loft) the wool blanket gave it. It does weigh a ton, but ds Daniel is always cold so he grabbed it right up when I suggested he could have it. A very thrifty utility quilt- that is too pretty for it's own good.


Peni said...

YES!! That is very much a Jessie and Oe quilt. Hope Daniel gets lots of cozy out of it!

Sarah N. said...

What is that on the center light blue square? Looks like a white ring? Stitching or some sort of print?

It is a great quilt! Remember that huge flannel quilt I made because Stacy was always complaining he was cold? That was another heavy quilt!

Has your second batch of goodies shown up? Miss you and love you!

Quilt Pixie said...

what an absolute wonderful quilt! I can imagine not moving much through the night under its weight and being toasty warm :-)

Julia said...

I love heavy quilts!!!! I have some corduroy in my stash. I have been thinking about making a quilt with it.

Your random facts, reminds me that I need to post mine for Julie too!

Isobel said...

I remember when I was piecing it that I kept thinking, I have to use up all these old fabrics...something Mom or Grandma Oe would have done. Enjoy, Daniel.

Darcie said...

Oh yes. A very "cool dude's quilt!" Very Nuge! ;-) (I always refer to Daniel as 'the Nuge guy.')

So gummy worms? But little, fat, plumpy bears you'll eat?! Spooky! lol

Love you! Stay warm!