Thursday, January 22, 2009

Quilting by candle light...
Well, admiring the quilt by candle light, anyway! We had a power outage yesterday evening, due to someone sliding their car into a pole- county roads aren't really very civilized. Everyone was fine, but the pole had to be replaced. The kids get downright giddy when the power goes out. I had just stepped out of the shower and I was less than giddy to be sitting in a cold house with a wet head.
But the quilt over the piano was awfully pretty. It is a very old one that my Aunt Shelia gave me. The fabrics are very coarse and the quilting very utilitarian- but you know how I love that look. It is one of my favorites because it gives the room a nice, cozy feel- important when the snow is flying and the wind is howling to get it.
Today was spent in less than quilty endeavors. I had to meet my MIL at the dr office. It was really quite pleasant as the dr was as cute as a button- aren't they getting younger every day. What? I'm getting older? Well, yeah, I know. Rub it in why don't ya? He was also very sweet with her and that put him on my good side. All is well. Then I went and had lunch with Sandy and we organized her fat quarters- you know how those drawers can get all out of hand! Now she is color coded and I am the proud new owner of her batiks. Score! Now it's home and I had the good sense to put the hen in the crock pot before I left. Chicken and dumplings for dinner. Sweet William will be home tomorrow night. He is in Atlanta for business. One more night without him. I think I can do it!


Quilt Pixie said...

ahhhh dinner hot out of a crock pot after fondling fabric... sounds like a not bad day at all! :-0

Sarah N. said...

Ooh - Is it possible to email me some chicken and dumplings? Please? That sounds yummy! But no one else in my family is a big fan - crazy - I know!

Love you!

Darcie said...

That's so peaceful looking! Just as I would picture scenes from the Little House on the Prairie stories!

Hope you'll be getting your electricity back soon! We're never nearly as prepared as you look...with lamps and camera all at hand. I'm not surprised! ;-)

That's one thing that I have yet to make in a crockpot is a whole hen. Any pointers? It sounds amazing. I love the smell of baked chicken. And dumplings?! Oh know me and my carbs!

Love you basketfuls!

anne bebbington said...

This is such a gorgeous photo - it never ceases to amaze me how the women of a century plus ago managed to do such beautiful work with such dire lighting - we are so spoilt in this day and age - it doesn't do you any harm to have a power cut once in a while to make you apprecite just what you have does it?