Monday, July 06, 2009

What fun!!!
My sister, Laurie, and her family came for a visit- the first time in 10 years- and Doy(brother in law) was fascinated by the quilting machine. So we had to throw in some doodle fabric and batting scraps and away they went. They giggled through a pantograph- a bit more difficult than it appears, and then they did some free-hand. Writing their names and just having fun with it. The kids all took a turn at it as well. Thought you all would enjoy the pics.
I have been away on vacation and not sewing too much- though I spent several hours out there, today. My sweet friend Donna needs a lap quilt. You know how some people cook for those they love? And I do that too, but I sew for comfort as well. I'll try to get a few pictures from the reunion/vacation posted soon! Have a great week!


Julie in the Barn said...

Oh yes, lots of fun. I've never had a chance to try one of those machines and I, too, would jump at the chance. Looks like the whole group had a blast.

Ye Merrie Quilter said...

Guys are always fascinated with technology. Sewing isn't always appealing to the masculine sex, but make a big tool that takes up most of a room and requires a surge protector, and they're all over it. :)

Darcie said...

And lookie there...behind your Sweet of your finishes!

Looks like a pretty fun family get together...'round the quilt machine. ;-)

Love ya, sweet stuff!