Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tranquility lake...
This is the lake where the wedding took place. It is a very peaceful- very Laurie and Joe. One picture was taken before dawn- I am up early most days when I am not sleeping in my own bed. The other picture was taken the evening before the wedding. Wish you all could have been there as it was one of those beautiful moments that make you smile every time you think of it. Where to start?
A few days before the wedding we all moved into the cabins around the lake. How relaxing is that? I stuck my feet in that cool water several times before the big day- the dock is the perfect height. The children would line up beside me-sweet memories. Donna, the mother of the bride got to soak her feet once before falling and breaking her foot. She is on chemo treatments, and steroids, so her bones are fragile. Poor thing. But you'd hardly guess how much pain she was in- she just kept chugging along and smiling. All the big meals were planned ahead of time and even one provided by friends. Again, how relaxing, not having to worry about mundane things- like how to feed 40 some people. We had a little meltdown a few days before the wedding- 90% chance of rain and an outdoor event was planned. The dining hall was so not what the bride wanted for her wedding and I couldn't blame her, but she was such a trooper and once she and Joe got to spend some time together...we were all at peace that the best thing would happen. And it did!
The sunny/rainy picture is taken from inside a round stone pavillion of sorts- complete with fireplace. After a bit of wedding decorating and some twinkly lights the bride was fair to bursting with excitement. That's Laurie, always smiling. We were all so happy that she was happy! It really was a perfect setting for her celtic inspired wedding. (So where's the wedding pictures, you ask? Well, when I try to snag one of my sis' pictures, they end up the size of a thumbnail. I'll figure it out and be sure to post more pictures as they are available.)
The wedding morning dawned dark and dreary- but it wasn't raining, yet. Some outside pictures were taken and then as it began to sprinkle, things were moved under cover. It was such a sweet gentle rain that it didn't really interfere with the whole wedding event- just made it even more magical. We were all seated to the sound of celtic music- the grooms came in to the sound of celtic drums- way cool. And then the wedding ceremony was so sweetly conducted by the bride's father. There wasn't a dry eye in the place- except Joe and Laurie, who just stood there smiling at each other. I don't think they lingered even an hour at the reception- they were in a hurry to start their new life together- and who could blame them?


anne bebbington said...

It sounds idyllic - can't wait to see the pictures

Julia said...

Oh my goodness, it sounds absolutely perfect! I would have loved to have been there. I love all things celtic, especially the music! :~)

Quinta da Quilter said...

It sounds just perfect!