Saturday, March 06, 2010

Bones- front and back...
There she is, my bones quilt- made from all the "bones" that I had stashed away in the closet. I have a lot of trial and error in my quilting. I was telling a friend about this quilt and she looks at me-with a straight face, mind you,and said that she never has blocks that she doesn't use. Well I just don't know what to say to that, 'cause I have enough for the front and back of a queen size quilt. Lots of "oops!" and "that was fun but I don't have any desire to go on with it" and "practice makes perfect -supposedly." There are blocks made by Sarah in a challenge to use the ugliest fabric we could find... we have a difficult time finding fabric that makes us both go ooohh! Some peices from my Mom. Scraps from finished quilts- you know, where you miscount to the number of blocks you need. Extra peices of borders- made them too long. I'm getting the impression that I am numerically challenged, how 'bout you? It's all good. Now I have a quilt to memoralize all of my mistakes. Oh joy. I quilted it with every design I could think of. Used up a couple dozen half-full bobbins and nearly empty cones of thread. The binding is made from leftovers from other quilts- again where I misfigured the amount needed- better too much than not enough, right? Why do I call them bones? I was up late one night, cleaning out the closet, when this song came on, and it just seemed to fit what I was dealing with...

Little Big Town, Bones, by:

Karen Fairchild/Kimberly Roads/Phillip Sweet/Jimi Westbrook/Wayne Kirkpatrick)

What goes around comes around
Feel it breathin' down heavy on you
You made that bed you're layin' on
Deeds that you have done
Now you can't undo

It's a long and hard row to hoe
When seeds that you sow
Grow by the wicked moon
Be sure your sins will find you out
The past will hunt you down
And return to tell on you

Oh, it stands to reason
Every dog will have his day
Your day is leaving
Better hold on tight
Here comes the night

You've got bones in your closet
You've got ghosts in your town
Ain't no doubt, dear,
They're gonna come out
They're waiting for the sun to go down
(Waitin' for the sun to go down)
You can't hide from your demons
Feel them all lurking around
(They've got ya runnin')
You're runnin' scared cause
You know they're out there
They're waiting for the sun to go down

They're waiting for the sun to go down
What goes around comes around
Feel it breathin' down heavy on you


Donna said...

this just may be my favorite quilt of yours...

Peni said...

Gotta love it!

Sarah N. said...

Very cute! Makes me want to go dig out my bones quilt and finish ripping out all the quilting that is YUCK! Of course most of my bones are blue and yellow. I know you are surprised!

Miss you!

Karen said...

Your quilt is very folk art style with all you did on the quilt. It is very unique and something to be remembered. I like the poem!
Want some more bones from my closet?

teelduo said...

She made me sleep under them there bones. ROFL