Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's the little things...

Forgot how to upload a picture on the newer computer. Tried for a while and then gave up. It's just a little thing. Like my brain, these days. I used to be able to remember things that take more than 2 steps. Little things really,
  • I have a toilet paper dispenser! First time in 10 years. What joy fills my heart- when I need it, it's right where it should be- not a mile away on the other side of the whirlpool. Never have been able to figure out the culprit. But having the toilet paper where it should be... a very pleasant little thing.
  • Had a couple little "lesions" removed this morning. One smack in the middle of my forehead, the other on my back. They were really quite small. Getting them off has made me such a happy camper- euphoric almost. On a body covered from head to foot with freckles and moles- what's the loss of a couple, I ask you? I did mention it was smack in the middle of my forehead, didn't I? Now I have a little round bandaid in it's place- Bekah thinks that might be embarrassing. Dad says I look the part of a major Asian religion... it's the little things.
  • Sugar-free vanilla syrup. Who knew they could bottle the nectar of the gods? A scant teaspoon in my Coke Zero... Yummo. If Bekah is making it, then I get several liberal splashes because if a little bit is good- wouldn't a lot be gooder? Not so. A little bit is perfect.
  • I get almost daily phone calls from my little nephew- I will continue to call him that even when he outgrows me- which will be in just a few short years, I'd guess. We chat for just a little bit- What was his blood sugar and what was mine(we get competitive) and are we changing insertion sets at the same time and can we snugger Grandmother into making us one of those nifty insulin pump belts that stay put? Just chatting about the little things in our life and glad that diabetes doesn't have to be a big thing all the time.
  • Starlings. Isn't that a lovely name for a bird? But if you live in the country or on a farm you know what a nuisance such a small thing can be. They've built a nest in my roof and their babies are very vocal- unlike my little angels who never made a peep. (Revisionist history is such a wonderful thing.) But I haven't the heart to destroy them- they are God's creatures, afterall. So when the little things fly the coop I have a young man who is willing and able to board up their roost. Just a little piece of wood will bring peace and quiet once more.
  • Been sewing on some "Little Bits" patterns- paper piecing. What fun is that? Right now I am making tulips from the Think Spring pattern. They are about the size of my thumb. That's pretty little. Using tiny little scraps of batik- of course.

Well, that's all the little news fit to print. Hope you're having a great week!


Julie in the Barn said...

So nice to hear you talk about the little things that make you happy each day. So often I take my good health for granted. At my age I shouldn't but instead should think each day about my good fortune. I'm more apt to grumble about the little things that annoy me instead of savoring the good stuff. Thanks for the little slap upside the head, dear friend. I promise to try to do better.

Isobel said...

Sometimes the happiness that little things bring us is all the happiness we can stand at that particular time.

Sarah N. said...

I was beginning to think you had moved and left no forwarding address!! I too visited the dermatologist this morning. Have had a nasty rash on my neck for a week and a half. Looks like ringworm but doesn't itch in the least. Reacted nicely to some Lamisil but decided to keep the appointment anyway. Of course the doc didn't think it is ringworm - so she did a biopsy. Won't hear until next week. But I have a lovely 4 inch square bandage on my neck for a little 3 mm cut! Kind of over dramatic.

We have a house full of cousins here since Sunday for Ian's birthday. They are leaving us in the morning and it will seem awfully quiet here!

Rushing to finish two quilt before the end of next week. One just needs a binding and one is half loaded on the machine - maybe it will get done tomorrow! Been subbing a lot this past month - but only 9 days of school to go!

Miss you! Talk to you soon!

Peni said...

You're not old enough to remember, "Little Things Mean a Lot" -- was it Rosemary Clooney? The song was a romantic genre, but I always liked it on principle. Had a friend who used to say a lot of little things make a great big deal -- in your case a great big deal is a hunk of gratitude. I'm glad you're YOU! XO

Darcie said...

*shrills of joy* You are piecing some Little Bits?!?! Hurray! (Are you having fun? You know that I LOVE those patterns, doncha?)

And I love hearing about all of your *little* things. I love hearing about you!

Love and hugs!

PS Ooh. And just thought of something. Maybe the girls would like to be-dazzle your bandages?! ;-)

bingo~bonnie said...

awllll phone calls from your nephew reminds me of when my nephew use to call me at college every week - years ago before "free long distance" and i use to get so scared he'd get in trouble when his mom got the phone bill. I'm 8 years older and growing up he seemed like a little brother to me ;)

YES - you must continue calling him after he out grows you... Josh outgrew me after he turned 16 and started driving. Now he's 28 living in Chicago and works for South West and has next to no time for phone calls to me. Thankfully I do get to "follow" what he's doing and see photos from his facebook. ;)

Love from Texas! ~bonnie