Wednesday, September 01, 2010

none of those spellings look right, but I guess I'm too lazy to look them up... This is a good one- the type without quantities because I don't see how you could get it wrong. It is vegetarian, but I don't think anyone will miss the meat. My kids love it.
  • Brown some chopped bell pepper and onions in a large oven-proof pot/pan.
  • Add red beans, drained and rinsed- I hate that slimy, starchy stuff in the can, don't you? and shoe peg corn(regular would do just fine)also drained, a little bit of tomato sauce(easy does it) and cooked rice.
  • Spice up with your favorite Southwest seasing mix- I use one my friend Sandy makes up for me. I have no idea what is in it. It tastes good and chili-ish.
  • Make a basic white sauce(You know, a little melted butter, some flour, milk, salt and pepper- I am sure it is online and pour over rice mixture, top with shredded mexican cheese.
  • Bake at 350 for about 20 minutes until hot and bubbly.

It looks more cheesy than it really is because of the white sauce- fools the kids every time! Comfort food, for sure.

The blocks are some of my sampler quilt blocks that I have finally finished. The blocks not the quilt. Made 12 different ones. The reds in the card trick block are from my sweet nephew and sis which they generously gave me for my birthday. They're just sweet that way. The rest are made from scraps. I found some great fabric on sale at Hobby Lobby and I think it might work for settings. But first, I need to adjust to my new meds- feel like if I move my head too quickly, it will roll right off. I have been ripping out an awful lot of seams, lately. Might be a good idea to put any major sewing on the back burner. So I'll just putter along, do some noodling...


Peni said...

I want to come for supper...RIGHT NOW!

Like all the blocks, which means you'll have to share instructions sooner or later.

Noodle is good and requires not apologies. XOXOXO

Elaine Adair said...

Looks wonderful!

Cassoulet according to Wikipedia -- You think you were right on!

Blocks look luscious also - especially the one with the black floral print!

Darcie said...

Ooh my my! That looks amazingly delicious! Thanks so much for the recipe. Sounds like good stuff that I usually have in the pantry and refrigerator. Mmm-mm.

Quilts And Pieces said...

First off that cassoulet thing looks wonderful! I"m drooling all over! And I LOVE that green and black and floral block. That one just jumped right off the page at me!