Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I am trying to get this quilted, this week, so that I can get it bound, next week. It's a wedding gift for a friend from church. I haven't been doing any sewing for quite a while, but I had this one in one of the "to-quilt" bins. Turns out it is in her favorite colors of red, green and brown. Amazing how things turn out like that. So far, I have the top pinned onto the frame and am trying to get the back on. It's a rather large quilt and I have been... distracted. We've had friends and family visiting these past few weeks- with more to come, so the quilting has been lagging- which is all good. People are more important than things. I plan on just meandering so it shouldn't take more than a couple of hours, if all goes well. And I always bind on the machine these days. Fast and easy.

My daughter-in-law is with us this week and we've been enjoying spending time with her. The children adore her- as everyone who meets her does.

The kids and I planted corn and beans in the garden, yesterday. The garden is huge and it amazes me how fast the planting goes with all my "little" helpers. (Five of my children are bigger than I am. How weird is that?) They do almost all of it and I supervise- you know, the hole is too deep, too shallow, you're patting the soil down too firmly, not firmly enough, the rows are too close, too far apart. And finally, great job! And they did do a great job. We'll be getting tomatoes to plant, this weekend. When we returned to the house, Laurie Anne had the TV room all organized and spic and span- no small task. How cool is that? She's also helping with my Bible class projects as I am teaching this quarter. A fun class of 7-9 year olds. The first class is Wednesday and I still have a couple bulletin boards to make. She's been doing laundry- think she's trying to get on my good side? Should I tell her she's always been on my good side? I figure she already knows that. Busy days. Joe is coming for a visit this weekend and will be taking her home with him. Sigh. But we have been blessed so I'm not gonna complain. Much. And we'll have the added bonus of getting to see Joe- always a joy.

And can I just say- what a thrill it is to have some beautiful weather sandwiched in between thunderstorms and rain? Sometimes you forget just how lovely the sunshine can be. The girls and I even weeded the flower garden. Bill took one look at it and asked, 'Were all those flowers already there?" Honestly, they have been. They have just been hidden by weeds for the past couple of years. Blessing can be like that.

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Peni said...

The quilt is gorgeous; so glad you're having an extra week of Laurie (what's not to LOVE about that); the garden sounds great, and the helpers sound greater; Help with classes is always welcome; everyone will be jubilant when Joe arrives (especially his precious wife); and the good things among the tares is priceless reminder.

A very special Nines blog - how refreshing!