Tuesday, July 26, 2011

There's a bright golden...

er, silver, haze on the meadow. Isn't that beautiful? A few minutes before dawn. I love the skies of Indiana. We've had some extra hot weather, and the humidity you can see plain enough. Another unusual occurance, here. Usually too windy for fog or haze. It makes a beautiful change, though.

Not much sewing going on this month. I quilted 5 quilts, last month. Wanting to get out there and do some more. But I've had company and I'd rather visit than sew. Maybe I need to rethink my priorities... The quilter in me is wondering just what is going on. I am preparing for my 9th set of company since April. That's summer for ya. Not many people are brave enough to visit in the winter months. My oldest son readily comes as he misses the cold and the snow. Everyone else has concerns that they could be stranded longer than they plan.

Who's my company this week? Guess. Ok, you give up? My quilting buddy, Sarah, of www.alwayswantstobequilting.blogspot.com . We saw each other at my son's wedding a couple years ago, but aside from that, I haven't seen her since... July 2006!!! Can that be right? Surely not. But I can't think of another time. Anywho, we plan on sewing some and so I'll get my quilting fix. It's all good. I have some projects in the works, as ever. The only difficult part will be deciding which one. Hope everyone has a great week- I plan on it!

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Peni said...

HAVE FUN!!! I know you will!