Sunday, August 21, 2011

Happy Lord's Day!!!

"Today is a fresh day- with no mistakes in it."

Well, that didn't last long. Picked up the wrong box of hair color. Who knew there would be such a drastic difference between "auburn brown" and "copper brown?" I got up early to color my hair because I just couldn't stand another day with all that white hair at the roots. I am almost completely white headed in the front and while I understand that some people are enamored with white hair(they don't usually have that particular "blessing", mind you) I don't particularly care for the look on me. Now I'm wondering if these "beautiful auburn brown" tresses might not be "ten times worse." I'm gonna have to shoot "The peddler I met on the road, today."

This post sponsored by Anne of Green Gables.


sewprimitive karen said...

Show us! :-)

Julia said...

Yes! Show us!!!!

Lisa said...

It couldn't be any worse than the chocolate brown that didn't cover all your hair last time.