Monday, August 29, 2011

Mundane Monday...

It's that time of week, again. Love that.

Thought I'd share some of my goings on. Made my sweet Evabeth a wallhanging for her bedroom. She likes all things Asian. And of course, all things pink. This particular piece was made using a weird method. But it works and I think it is a bit more pleasant than dealing with triangles. First, you sew together some squares and rectangles. Then you layer a larger rectangle under that piece- with right sides together. Draw diagonal lines and sew, cut apart and you have two of these squares. Clear as mud, huh? Wish I could remember the name of the book I got this from, but it's Sandy's book so...

Isn't that funkiest tomato you've ever seen? I have no idea what kind of mutation it would take to transform a round tomato into Grue from Despicable Me. I planted a ton of tomato plants, but alas, I've seen very little return. We had a month of drought and extremely high temps and then it's been very cool ever since. Tomatoes really struggle to ripen in cool weather. Maybe next year.

The last picture is of Nena and her quilt for a new grandson they're expecting in a week or so. She choose a Michael Miller print with retro cowboys and cowgirls and his handkerchief fabrics in red and blue. She has her two granddaughter represented and the new baby with an adorable little cowboy on a saw horse. We just meandered it in red thread. Doesn't she look just tickled pink?

Hope everyone is having their very own wonderful Mundane Monday! Catch ya on the flip side!


Sarah N. said...

Tell Nena that her quilt turned out great!! It is so cute!

I also love Evabeth's wall hanging.

Currently working on a lap quilt and wall hanging with Razorback fabric for a charity auction - requested by my mother-in-law. Be glad to get this out of here!

Love you!

Peni said...

The center would make a nice table runner ... and the dimensions of the rectangle/brick and square are????

Isobel said...

Love the wall hanging as well as the lovely young lady holding it. I think the directions are quite clear....I might try that.