Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wednesday 's Whine of the Week....

so it's Thursday. Ya wanna make somethin' of it?

I was figuring that if I allowed myself one whine a week, it would cut down on some negativity. Not that I consider myself a negative person... but then who does? Hmmm.... I've whined about hair color and Hollywood slime, there must be something else out there that annoys me. Oh, I know.

Letters To Juliet. I like that movie. Nothing award-worthy, just a sweet movie. The older I get, the more I enjoy a "mature" love story. (The kids think it's freaky. Too bad I won't be around to remind them of that when they reach the age to find love between two 65 year old people very touching and romantic. But that's not my gripe.)

My problem is the wardrobe. Vanessa Redgrave could wear a potato sack and still be elegant, but the rest of the world needs a little more help. I've never seen a movie where the wardrobe drives me to distraction like this one. And someone was paid big bucks to torture me. I honestly sit and crochet while "watching" it so that I'm not having to see the horrid clothes they are putting on these beautiful people. When I do look up at the screen, I concentrate on keeping my eyes above their chins, or else the whole mood is ruined. Why oh why is she wearing a gray T-shirt? In Tuscany??? Do you honestly expect me to believe that the lovely Sophie is going on a romantic trip to Verona, Italy, and she packs a bag full of utilitarian gray and beige clothes? And they are even more cruel to Charlie. A very attractive guy with typical body shape issues. And the best they could do for him is an ill-fitted T-shirt and a sloppy, rumpled, long-sleeve shirt hanging over that? He's an urbane, successful lawyer people! In the final scene, he did look very dashing in a morning suit- but then, who doesn't? Generally, they all look washed out and ghostly- very sad ghosts, at that. Along with every criticism, we should present a solution. The wardrobe should've included the colors of Italy- rich reds and purples, blues and golds. It doesn't have to be a constant onslaught of color and you could still go sophisticated, just make something interesting to look at so the poor actors don't have to fight their way through to be noticed. But what's been done, can't be undone... I guess I'll just keep my head down and enjoy the soundtrack.

I do feel a tad better. What? Things like that don't bug you?


LA Mama said...

Are these characters people from LA? I've noticed a lot of smog-colored wardrobes since moving here. It kind of bugs me how much money people pay to look poor, if not homeless.

Sarah N. said...

You are too funny! Now I am going to have to rent that movie to see what you are talking about!

Miss you and love you! When are you coming to Alabama????

Peni said...

If all whines were this amusing, they wouldn't seem negative at all, now would they?

teelduo said...

I will have to watch the movie with you so that I will be too busy laughing at you to be distracted by the hideous clothes. BHAHAHAHAHAHA