Saturday, September 10, 2011

Friday favorites...

So far we've covered a couple favorites- a place and a product. Today, it'll be a person- why not my all-time, number-one favorite person? My sweet William.

Most folks call him Bill. He just feels like...more... to me. We met 26 years ago on his first day at college. I saw him across a crowded room- yep, just like the song. I can even tell you what he was wearing. He was standing "at ease" and by himself. He didn't look anywhere near helpless but still... there was something about him. So I gathered up a couple guy friends and marched up to him and introduced ourselves. What a coincidence that one of my friends had the same last name. "Bet you don't spell it like mine." If I had a dime for every time I spelled my last name, I could retire and give up this life of crime. Wanna play a game? How do you pronounce "Koen?" Ugh, even spell-check says it's all wrong. Give ya a hint, it's of German/Dutch origin and there's something missing from the word- but no letters.

Bill and I married two years later. I love and adore him more each day and I've learned a lot about him over the years.

Bill is loud. And I mean loud and rowdy. He left the house 15 minutes ago and the dust is still settling! The music was cranked up and he was hollering along while dancing some kind of booty dance. (Bill will listen to the same cd
all day long without a single pause or change. Makes a girl feel secure that he doesn't tire of the "same ole same ole.") Small children will just stand and watch him- with these huge eyes- cause they've never seen an adult quite like him. He's intense and magnetic. Once they realize that, while he is bigger than life, it's all good and if they're brave enough to step out there, he's the most fun they'll ever have.

Bill is generous. I have at least a dozen sewing machines and he has brought home 9 of them. Around him, you have to be careful mentioning things you like. 'Cause if he can get it for you, it's yours. If he sees something you don't have that would be helpful, it's yours. If you're invited out to dinner with us, don't even think about paying for yourself. Bill's got it. And he's sneaky about it. He's the guy who leaves the house in the middle of the night with your car keys and fills up your gas tank. He takes care of everyone. Just imagine how dangerous he'd be if he had any serious money.

Bill is a rock. He never gives up on anything. Or anyone. He's been called a bulldog because he just won't let go- even the nieces and nephews have called him "Uncle Bull." He's the consummate problem solver- nothing's too great or too small to be worthy of serious consideration, time and effort in solving. He will just keep at it until it's taken care of. No matter how long it takes or how difficult it is. He'll figure it out and we'll all be better off because of him.

Bill cares. It's important to him that you are all you need to be and all that God wants you to be. He really doesn't care about what most of society thinks is important. Stuff and things. It's about loving God with everything in you and noticing how God's blessed you and being thankful. And remember that cd he'll listen to repeatedly? He sounds just like that cd- over and over and over again. Love God and be thankful. I couldn't agree more.

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teelduo said...

I have to admit I love Bill. LOL When he lets us get by with doing something sweet for him, then I feel I have REALLY DONE SOMETHING and it makes me smile!

love you all.

Donna said...

Bill certainly is all that. Every single time I think about him (and you), which is daily, I smile. Every time. We have been the recipient of many "Bill gifts". He is one of the most loving people I know and I'm a better person for having him as my brother. He makes me aware of thankfulness--the thankfulness we all need to have for God and His abundant blessings on us every day. So a big thank you to your sweet Bill for that. And to you for helping him to be all that. Love you both!

Synthia said...

What a guy! You are so lucky to have him for a husband and he's so lucky to have you, that loves him so much and recognizes ad appreciates all his wonderful qualities. Sounds like a marriage made in heaven to me. Thanks for sharing your lovely love story. (big smile and a tear)

Peni said...

And you didn't exaggerate one iota! Love him so. Love you so.

Saska said...

Is it pronounced like "Cain"? We have one of those weird German/Russian last names too!