Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Mundane Monday...
Had a lovely week, how about you?  No real rush to finish anything or get somewhere or any of that stuff that stresses a body.  It's all good.  A little rain, a little sunshine.

John, Eva and Jacob's friend, Mary, all passed their hunter's education course. John(15y) made a 99, Eva(12y) a 92, and Mary(17y) a 100!  I'm real proud of all of them.  Here's Jacob, Mary, Eva, William, and Abe after some target practice.  Deer season is coming up and meat in the freezer would  be a good thing.


Did a "little bit" of paper peicing.  This is a "Little Bits" pattern.  Enjoyed it.  Made it from hand dyed fabric by Darcie, Sarah, and Sandy and myself. Tissue paper really is easier to paper peice than copy paper. Maybe I'll get it quilted in time for next Halloween.  No rush.

The children are learning the themes to all the books of the Bible- and I along with them. They're working on them during bible class on Sunday, but we've been spending some extra time on them here at home. After about 17 books, things can get a little blurry so the girls and I came up with this little chart- all books of the Old Testament on the pumpkins and their themes on the leaves.  We stir up the leaves and then we'll try to sort them out- they attach with little bits of velcro.  We also play a hide and seek game with the themes- seeing how fast we can find them and get them on the chart.  How wonderful it'll be to know the theme of each book in the Bible!  "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." Hosea 4:6.  If anyone would like the list, I'd be glad to email it to you.


Finally, I had some fun playing with postcards.  Sandy keeps her excess bobbin unwindings for me and I entomb them on a postcard.  I just layer them in between the backing fabric and a peice of netting.  I stitch around the edges and a little across the top to hold everything in place.  The interesting thing about the netting is that it melts a tad when you iron the postcard top to the stabilizer- must use parchment paper.  But that melting actually holds the thread in place. Cool, huh?  I discovered that all on my lonesome.  I'm so addicted to these little projects.  With quilting, it may be weeks, months or even years until a project is finished.  Postcards offer a little instant gratification.


I'm gonna scoot along.  I'm working my way up to a good whine for later in the week.  See ya then! 


Barry said...

I tried to post a comment earlier and it didn't take. Could you please email me the theme list?


Enjoy reading your blogs!

Your other brother,

Darcie said...

Look at you! All ready for the spooky season with some delightful paper piecing!!! It's adorable...just like its maker! ;)

Love and hugs....