Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bekah's brights

Eva's softer colors
Ready?  Get set... GO!!

Gift-giving coming up and I'm trying to do more sewing, this year.  Times are... well, they are blessed, indeed, but not a lot left over for frivolous frivolity.  

Isn't that little bag pattern adorable?  (Nellie's Needle, The Maggie Bag) I found it a while back, but hadn't made the time to sew them up.  I picked out fabrics from the stash and I think that they suit the girls perfectly.  They're gonna love them, I know! The black and bright kitty print has Bekah's name all over it, while the softer colors are more Eva's style.  The pattern looks simple- no snaps or zippers or anything.  And I think my serger will come in handy.  The only problem is finding time to sew when they aren't underfoot.  A challenge to be sure. Might have to lock the quilting room door and post a sign about some top-secret machinations goin' on.

It's the day before Thanksgiving and I still haven't made up the menu.  I have a nebulous idea of what we'll be having, but I need to pound out a list.  The kids all fix one dish, each, and I've made some pies- 4 pumpkin and 1 apple.  Grandmother made a fresh apple cake.  There's a turkey thawing.  Toast in a bowl for dressing.  Eva already made the cranberry salad. Paul's called dibs for making the green beans.  (And to set the record straight, no- absolutely no- green bean casserole in my house.  Seems like a perfectly  awful waste of a green bean- cream of mushroom soup?  Really? blech!)  Grandfather brought the creamed corn and he also made enough chex mix and caramel popcorn to feed us for days. (I had chex mix for breakfast- figured it was made out of cereal, after all.)  Mashed potatoes, gravy- I make good gravy, squash casserole and rolls... that should do it.  All very traditional.  No need to mess with tradition- it's only once a year.  Now see?  You helped me with the list.  I'm well within the parameters of having a successful day of cooking.        

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