Thursday, December 22, 2011

Rebekah's Feast...

Bekah is 10 and she's a real sweetheart.  She's a homebody- if the other kids plan a trip to the store, she'll opt to stay home with me.  She likes to cook, garden and sew but isn't too fond of housecleaning or laundry.  Sounds like her mom.  Bekah is very bright and learns easily.  Even though she's kind, she won't take any guff.  If you sucker punch her, she'll punch you back- even if she has to chase you all over the house to do it.  I'm thinking that has something to do with the 6 brothers...  Yesterday, she said to John, "You're making it very hard for me not to get mad- and I'm not supposed to get mad."  She leans towards being shy and hates it when all heads turn towards her.  Then she gets embarrassed and she cries- which gets her more embarrassed... I get lots of hugs from her. She's a delightful girl... and we love her to pieces.

Bekah had a Chinese feast.  That girl loves her Chinese food.  I take the kids out to eat before we shop for their feast and when I asked her where she wanted to eat she said, "Chinese, of course!"  It didn't matter to her that she was having the same for dinner.  Her appetizer was Pocky sticks and onion rings and cheese- and before you think that onion rings aren't Chinese- they have them at the buffet for the gringos.  She had rice with broccoli/chicken stir fry and also Mandarin chicken.  She left some of the chicken plain because her daddy's a gringo. She had fried biscuits with sugar on them and little ice cream cups for dessert.  I just loved what she found for her table decorations.  We were looking for some of those round Chinese lanterns, but couldn't find any.  Instead, we came across these very pretty acrylic take-out boxes that were frosted and looked so pretty with our red votive candles.  We had a little bit of extra tinsel that lying around them.  Why don't we decorate the table more often?  It adds such a fun touch to the table and could make the everyday seem special. Her gift was chopsticks.  A very enjoyable feast.      


Peni said...

That child is more beautiful every day (inside & out)... and I know it will TOO soon come the time she is no longer a child.

teelduo said...

LOVE HER!! I'm eating Chinese right now, how fitting!!! giggle

I guess I fixed my issues cause I post now. LOVE YOU!

Sarah N. said...

Now she is making me crave the red pepper chicken from the chinese buffet and of course the good company to go along with it!

Love you all!