Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wearing Grandmother's jammies

the real Abraham...

Abe's Feast...

Abraham is 8 years old and has a very..... well... let's just say exuberant personality.  Most 8 year old boys have lots of energy and he's no exception.  He wiggles and squirms in school and struggles to stay on task. Abe amazes me in his willingness to share.  If he has a special treat and someone asks him for a bite, he never hesitates in saying, 'OK!" and gives a very generous portion.  He just isn't stingy.  He has an unusually varied vocabulary which, no doubt, comes from having 7 older siblings.  Just now I heard him use the word "equivalent" in it's proper context.  Abe has a very cheerful nature.  When we were shopping for his feast, I became discouraged and frustrated because, after choosing just the right items, their cash register crashed and I couldn't buy them. I had to call Will for moral support.  I should have just turned to Abe and said, "What do you think?"  While I was dialing the phone, he says, "Look at it this way- you made your kid happy!"  I'd taken him to lunch and what turned out to be a window shopping expedition and he was happy.  Wasn't that the whole point?  He's extremely easy to please. Abe is also very affectionate and I can't leave the house without letting him know so he can get his hug in.  He never takes a nap or goes to bed without a hug and a kiss.  He's a sweet kid and we love him to pieces.

the late Santa

A Christmas Crime Scene.  That's the theme Abraham choose for his feast.  I don't know how... or why... but that's what it was.  It all came together very easily, oddly enough.  His decorations... Well, he wanted to make a masking tape outline of Santa.  Cracked me up when he said he didn't know where he could get a Santa body to trace.  He did just fine without the body, dontcha think?  Then he scattered around some spent shotgun shells- complete with their own numbered card markers. There were some evidence bags- a lollipop, a tuft of deer fur, and a list of naughty kids- one name was half-torn off and the remaining portion looked suspiciously like Jacob's. The table decorations was a toy police set he picked up from the dollar store. Abe made his own police line tape and the crime scene was set.

His gifts were little mini- Wooley Willys.  You know, those heads that you create hair on with metal shaving and a magnet.  Those were the "mugshots."  His appetizer was soft pretzels. The meal was stake-out food.  Hamburgers and chili-dogs, individually wrapped so they look like fast food. With grape pop in cans.  The dessert was, of course, Jack's donuts. My apologies to police officers everywhere- but there's a stereotype for a reason, right?  We all had a really fun time. The kids had to try out the floor for their own crime scenes.  Dropping like flies, they were.
the fetal position is rare but it happens


Sarah said...

I so love reading about the kid's feasts. They've really grown up from feast portrait to portrait and your descriptions of their personalities are always delightful. What a scrapbook it would be with the progression of the feasts! I think the crime scene wins in recent memory for themes.

jirons42 said...

What delightful imaginations your kids have!

KelliLee said...

Did the cops identify the guilty culprit? Or did they compromise the evidence with donut grease smears? A Santa-less public needs to know... WHODUNIT???