Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Just some random pictures...

I was browsing through my pics and come across these with no real home, but the memories make me smile.  The picture below are two dear girls wearing the scarves I made them.  I have three kids that love green and when I was searching through my green fabs for my applique project, it was slim pickins.  Laurie has a notebook on her lap that I made a cover for. Not exactly green, but I did the embroidery in green so maybe that'll do.

Mary and Laurie

Dan always claims that this part of the state has to be 10* colder than any other!  He says Maine in February isn't as cold as it is here.  Might be the wind.  So, Dan and Jessica (an exchange student) are warming their hands over the candle.  Pitiful.  You'll notice she's still wearing her coat.  Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever seen her without a coat... There isn't much Jessica can do about being cold as she is definitely from a warmer climate(Brazil) but if Daniel would just eat more... every time he comes home I say he looks thinner.  I refrained this time (even though I thought he did!)  I just got a box out to him with some fattening snacks so maybe next time he won't look quite so emaciated- but he's ripped.  I had to say that or else I'd never hear the end of it.  Ah, the life of a bachelor.
Candle- doubling as a hand warmer

Evabeth and Laurie
My sweet girls love to read- these are the oldest two.  Yeah, they're wearing hoodies.  But it was a little nippy.  Not so now.  The kids have been playing outside in their shirt sleeves- no coats.  Sunny skies and temps in the upper 40's.  Bizarre weather for the middle of January.

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Peni said...

Good books, hoodies and a shared minkee ...could be a perfect winter day.