Monday, February 27, 2012

old homestead on the property circa 1900

The cabin was a little more primitive than we had anticipated...Just kidding!!

1840 log cabin
 This is the cabin and it was absolutely perfect in every way.  Will was...amazed into speechlessness!  I kept it a secret until we pulled up in front.  He says he'll never be able to fully trust me and I've assured him that I can't see me ever doing this kind of surprise, again.  Fun, but exhausting.  Plus, this quickly became our favorite place on earth so I figure we'll be back and with his full knowledge.  The entire place seemed custom made just for us.  Full of our favorite things.

complete relaxation
 Does it get any better than this?  Fire blazing, feet up, reading the good book.  Ahhhh... how wonderful it felt to be warm!  Funny how I have to go to a primitive log cabin to get warm.  The willow branch rockers were intensely comfortable and we spent hours relaxing in them. The cabin was built in the 1840's but a small addition on the backside contained all the modern amenities. Very nice kitchen and bathroom.  Central AC and heating. The bedroom was in a loft above the living room.  Down pillows and mattress pad.   

ye olde gate

It's very secluded on 40 acres of woods and up against a national forest.  At night, when you turn all the lights in the cabin off, walk a 360 around it- no lights to be seen, anywhere.  Do you know how rare that is?  The stars were brilliant.  My favorite element was the lock on the front gate!  The drive meandered back into the woods about 1/4th a mile.  We locked the gate when we went in and never unlocked it or left the property.  No interruptions or intrusions.  No possibility of interruptions or intrusions. No phone, no TV.  They had a nice CD player and we did listen to some music, occasionally. 

into the wild
There were Turkish robes by the back door for trips out to the hot tub.  Lost count of how many times we took a dip out there.  Sitting in perfect 102* water while the snow is flying...sublime.  At nights, the skies would clear and make me wish I knew more of the constellations.  They had a guest book on the coffee table and I got a good laugh out of several of the entries. The one about the extended tick inspection brought a chuckle.  But my favorite entry was by a self-proclaimed "cry-baby."  Her favorite author was Stephen King.  You see where this is going, don't you?  Her husband kept teasing her by saying, 'What was that?"  "Did you hear that?"  It would seem the cabin was too quiet, too isolated and too dark at night for her.  And she boldly said that no way was she going outside the cabin at night, "You guys are CRAZY!"  Funny how some folks feel safer around people and some folks feel safer away from people.  There's a story behind that, I'm sure.     

ye olde hot tub
   We had the best time of our lives- absolutely giddy.  I'm so glad we discovered this little log cabin in the woods- and so glad there are people willing to share it.

25 years of being married to the world's greatest guy.  life is good


Elaine Adair said...

THAT is MY kind of retreat!!! AND my husband's as well. MUCH tooo sad that it is VERY far from my home in western Nebraska!!!

However, it's so nice to know those kinds of cabins are still around.

Angela said...

What a lovely time. I live in Bedford and go to FL often. Did you get to see the hotel and the dome at West Baden? It is in the downtown part. Worth the drive if you didnt your next trip. FL also has a visitors website with maps and such. Glad you had your romantic get-a-way with your honey.

Sarah said...

Glad you two had fun!

Love you both!


Synthia said...

Congratulations on your milestone anniversary! What a wonderful, relaxing, romantic get-away. Blessings to you both.