Thursday, March 29, 2012

Me and Will
 Phoenix, Arizona...

Had a great time.  Tiring, but good.  The accommodations were excellent.  Had a suite with our own living room and kitchen.  Not that we cooked much as there was a Cracker Barrel, two doors down.  With a Cabella's in between.  We were both happy campers.  The highlight of the trip was seeing my brother and sister in law.  I hadn't seen David in a couple years, so it was great that we got to spend the evening together.  Wish it could have been longer, but we all had work to do so I was very thankful for the time we had.   
Brother David and sis-in-law Beccie

Arizona desert at dusk
 We visited the edge of a mountain- no time to go up as it was getting dark.  Then we drove around town for awhile trying to decide where to eat.  In and Out came up and Bill was immediately intrigued.  Had to try it.  There are four items on the menu, so deciding what to order was a cinch.  Very good burgers, by the way.
How could you drive by and not stop?

Stopping in turned out to be a good decision
 My sissy, Lisa, is a little amused by my ability to stop and talk to anyone.  It's amazing how willing people are to share, though.  Especially when it's something they're passionate about. I figured that anyone who choose to take their hatbox as a carry-on had something interesting in there and would be willing to show it off, right?  Yep, I was right.  She gets her hats made in New York and it makes me wish I could come to church with her just once if this is a sample of what the ladies wear.  "We don't dress up to go partying, so we dress up for church." 
Now that's a hat!
 Funny strikes me in the quirky things.  This phone in the hotel room's bathroom brought a chuckle. 
Conference call, anyone?
I think not
Giggle and a smile.  I have yet to approach the quilting room, this week.  Just been too busy, but I might get out there, today.  Might.  It needs some de-cluttering. And while that may sound mundane, it sounds mighty fine to me.  Have a great weekend! 


Peni said...

Now that's a hat! I'm with you - I'd like to see the other samples.

Glad you had a good trip...and especially glad you all had a bit of 'family' time. Pass the hamburder and fries, please.

Isobel said...

Wow...what a hat. I like to talk to people and tend to talk to just about anyone I meet. Gary just looks at me and shakes his head.