Monday, March 05, 2012

My Mundane Monday...

Great day, today.  I got to stay home and sew.  Not that I'm complaining- much- but I haven't actually been home all day for a couple weeks, I'd guess.  And I do so like being home.  So, I sewed.  Had a grand time.  Got some quilting done- not too much or I'd stove up my old arther shoulder- but enough to feel like I accomplished something that needed to be done.  Then it's play time for Nines!

Started a little mini-sampler.  This block is 4" finished.  And I am loving the colors.  The other blocks are earthy reds, greens, rust and even a little teal.  What fun.  I've a beautiful rust colored fabric that's been in my stash for almost a year and I plan on using that for the border- I don't know why I'm telling you all this- I'll show you in a couple days, I hope.

And lookee there!  Some one made little ole me some lunch.  How tremendous is that?
  Can't even remember the last time that happened and I enjoyed every bite of the PB&J and chips- even got a little dip!  John was so sweet to do that for me.  I actually made an occasion of it and stayed seated for the duration of the meal- another rarity.  I'm usually on my feet and just swing by the plate and grab a bite periodically.  But it just seemed so luxurious to have food prepared for me, I wanted to savor the moment.

Now my other son...  When I finally did leave the quilting room, I found that some kind of trash slinging elf had vandalized my kitchen!  It looks like something out of a Grimm's fairy tale- you know, the ones that rarely have a happy ending. Honestly, it was clean when I left it.  Jacob(18y- and old enough to know better) was rushed for time, it would seem.  He overslept and then remembered that he'd promised to make some of his famous coffee-biscuits for a co-worker.  He showered and dressed while they were baking and didn't have time to clean up the mess.  I don't wonder... it would have involved washing two sinks full of dishes, putting up the ingredients, wiping down the counter and sweeping the floor.  And then he took all the biscuits with him!  Talk about insult to injury.  I hear they were very good.  I should hope so.  I know I should be outraged by the whole mess, but I was honestly more...amazed... than anything.  I think John was traumatized as the counters and the floor are his chore.  I thought about waiting for Jacob to come home from work to clean it up... as laid back as I am, that mess just couldn't wait.  I did stack the dishes for him to wash, but the rest was put to rights.  See?  I'd like to ground him from cooking his biscuits... but they are soooo good.  I just can't win here.

Signing off.  Have a great week!         


Lynn Dykstra said...

I love that block--looks like feet running around the square.
And, with two sons in this house, your kitchen looks familiar.

teelduo said...

Jacob cooks like his uncle, very well but messy!

Sherry said...

I love the colors in your block also.