Saturday, May 12, 2012

5 out of 6 sons at the movies- looks like more than 5 sets of legs.
Back in the Saddle...

My son and a few others have mentioned that it's been a month since I last posted here at Prairiequilts.  Sorry about that.  Sometimes life just isn't conducive to blogging.  It's like I tell my endocrinologist when I'm not doing what she feels I need to do, "Let's not confuse my noncompliance with ignorance."  In other words, there are things I know I should do and things that I would like to do but this is the real world and life has a way of getting in the way.  And its all good, just different.  How's that for a completely nonsensical excuse?  But I thought it might sound better than the same ole "I was busy" routine.

  My oldest, Joe, and his wife, Laurie, were here for over a week in April.  Having them here for a longer amount of time is just wonderful. Daniel- son #2 and, "friend" of son #3, even got to come for a couple days so we had a great time.  Guess what?  Both of my clothes dryer doors stay closed without having to have anything propped up against them!  How cool is that?  Joe is very handy.  It took him longer to find the parts than it took him to install them.  So all my kids came for a visit and I'm zeroed in on my dryer doors working properly... well, you try jamming a baseball bat against a dryer door to keep it closed.  It takes skill and lots of practice to make that thing stay wedged in place.  So now I just shut the door and >Voila!< the door stays shut!  Amazing!  And it happens every day.  All day.  And we do a lot of laundry so it's a constant reminder that Joe loves me and wants to make things easier for me.  So it isn't just a little thing, is it?
funnel cake

elephant ears
Fried dough... it's just one of those things that say...well, I don't know what it says exactly, but I like it's language!  My sweet daughter in law had never had funnel cake or elephant ears.  Now that was just sad.  So, we had to rectify the situation and made them while she was here.  The jury decreed that they were both good and, in typical Laurie fashion, she was unable to determine which one was more to her liking. So we had to sample a whole lot of each... and none of us came to a clear decision.  Personally, I like the elephant ears more- they have yeast so that puts paid on it in my book. Recipes available if ya need them- just email.

birthday kids

everybody after the pinata was decimated
Jacob and Mary had their birthday last month.  Jacob says that she was his first birthday present as she was born on his first birthday.  Her family came up and we had a fun day of a trip to the bowling alley and knocking a pinata around (Lupe tried to teach us the song you should sing while hitting said pinata... let me just say that when someone speaks a different language than you do and they say, "Just follow along" it gets a little confusing.  So we'd sing something like this..."lalalalalala, pinata, lalalalala, pinata!" If we were the self-conscious types it could have been embarrassing.  But everybody knows we're not.) We had a nice meal and a cheesecake for dessert. Poor Mary had a bad cold, but she was a trooper.  Jacob made her go on a treasure hunt to find her presents- even made her dig a hole and climb a tree- but she easily forgave him when she found a complete tea set spread out on the porch table.

"Uncle" Jacob and James 
  We babysat my great nephews for an evening this week.  James had never been left behind, but he coped very well.  Whoever last fed him a spoon of rice became his favorite person.  If he wanted picked up, he'd go to that person- until being fed by another.  He knows the hand that feeds him. Isaac had a blast playing with race cars and the bunny rabbit.

Believe it or not, I kept it brief.  Tough to even begin to cover the goings-ons for a whole month.  I still have quite a few quilty projects to show, but they'll keep.  Have a great week and maybe...just maybe...I'll catch you on the flip side!


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I love funnel cakes! Always a treat when I would attend a fair. I haven't had one in a long, long time.

Pamela (Peni) Teel said...

Wouldn't you know it...the first day I hadn't checked here in a month, and here it is. And worth waiting on. I appreciate Joe's incentive :)

Hey I can see how a fixed dryer door could be exciting...