Monday, September 17, 2012

Diagonal it is

something for their wall

the bride with her quilt

Happy Fall, Y'all!!

As you can see, I decided on the diagonal setting- especially since I also decided on a busy border.  That made the quilt a very generous queen size.  There's a couple feet of quilt folded up under there on the ground.  My helpers are shorter these days than they used to be.  I'm also  a little more pressured than I used to be as the girls' arms just don't have the stamina the guys had.  But they get the job done and that's what counts.  The small quilt is a wall hanging- maybe for their kitchen as that's the colors they were thinking of using- subject to change, of course.  Mary looked pretty pleased with her quilt and that's what it's all about. 

32 days til their wedding.  But who's counting?  I'm swimming in a sea of satin and chiffon.  Doesn't that sound kinda poetic?  And it's not a bad sea to be swimming in.  I've been spending almost eight hours a day in my quilting room making a wedding dress.  I'm going very slowly.  No room for mistakes so let's not make any, OK?  OK. I actually dream of making wedding dresses.  Last night, it was wedding dresses and bridesmaids' dresses.  See?  I rather enjoy making this. But I think I should be able to "leave it at the office" so to speak.  don't you?  But it's occupying a lot of grey matter.  I've spent the better part of a month plotting and planning, drafting and re-drafting.  Finally, cutting.  The scariest part of the equation 'cause there ain't no fabric to spare.  (Poor grammar, but I didn't say what I wanted to say and that's, " Ain't got no fabric to spare." There, I said it anyway!)  Bekah took a peek into the quilting room while I was cutting and laughed at me- the snot!  "Mommy, you're hands are shaking! hee-hee-hee." Yeah, hysterical.  When I expressed my dismay at the daunting task before me, John just says, "Mom ya gotta sew by faith."  So this is me, sewing by faith.  One inch at a time.  Little by little. Just me and Loreena McKennitt.  She never pressures me, but encourages me to float serenely along.  Ever hear of her?            

I'm enjoying myself and the time I am spending out there, sewing.  Every day I make progress and it brings me that much closer to the finished dress that is turning into something rather lovely. And the happy day of their wedding is another day nearer.


Pamela (Peni) Teel said...

What exciting times. The quilt and wall hanging are lovely. And Mary's smile says it all! Love John's philosophy...and I have faith in YOU, too.

Isobel said...

I know where you are Nines....been there, done that. I didn't have to make the gowns...just seems I always get called on to alter them which is sometimes a chore. I suppose that I am now thankful all my grands are married so there shouldn't be any more bridesmaids' dresses to take in or let out. One dress had to be opened down the side seams and zippers installed so the maid of honor could nurse her baby at sometime during the festivities. You will come through this alright and then it will be a little sad that it is all over.

Sarah said...

The quilt is beautiful - of course! If I was there, I would take you out for some red pepper chicken to calm your nerves!

I am sure the dress will be beautiful. Can't wait to see pictures.

Love you lots!