Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Timothy's Feast...

Most of you won't recognize this young man- He's my nephew, Timothy(18y.)  He lives in Arizona with my brother and sister-in-law and family.  Like several of my nephews have done in the past, he has come to stay with us for a little while.  I think it helps when my kids move out to have another one move in- however temporary that may be. Kinda eases the whole, "No, this can't be happening!" kinda thing.

Timothy is... well, his family calls him, "That Tim boy."  He's not much of a boy in stature, but he is in spirit.  He's a big guy- over 6 foot and he's strong as an ox.  But he's very gentle.  And, for the most part, quiet.  He will never strike up a conversation with anyone.  It just won't happen.  He'll suddenly contribute to discussions, though.  The whole room becomes still and you can just see everyone start to grin and their eyes sparkle.  Tim just spoke.  He didn't notice, though, 'cause he hardly looked up. He's very intelligent and can tell you all about... well, just about everything.  But if you ask him a personal question- even as simple as, 'How ya doin'?" he will take the longest time to answer- if he answers- and usually it's more of a shrug of the shoulders.  He's much more animated late in the evening and you can hear him all over the house, playing with the little kids and watching funny movies- just yucking it up. He's very hands-on- loves to work on engines, motors and anything mechanical. He has a silly streak that is a pleasure to watch. One of my favorite things to observe about Timothy is his intense concentration.  Even with the most mundane task.  He stands by the kitchen table with his nose about 12 inches from his plate while making a sandwich- that's a long way to bend down.  I asked him if he'd ever had his eyes checked...eventually, he explained that his sight is perfect, he just likes to see things close up- in detail.  That's Tim, and we love him to pieces.

He was very decisive about his feast.  He was going to have a "weight" theme.  (I know I gained weight during his feast- but he wasn't talking  about that kind of weight.)  Weight, like muscle building.  The guys have a home gym and weights in their room and he's enjoying working out with John.  So, he spread the table with a white table cloth and his center pieces were various sized free weights, a pair of weight lifting gloves, a jumping rope. He put on his athletic garb and explained to his guests that he had a special feast prepared for them- Tim's Diner, and he would be their waiter.  I do declare I heard him talk more during those two hours than I have over the past two months!  He was so tickled with what he had prepared for them and he was giddy as he went around the table serving them each course.  He found aluminum water bottles for them at the dollar store and that was his gift.   He made everyone very happy with tortilla chips with nacho cheese- mixed with salsa and chili.  Topped with jalapenos. Dr. Pepper to drink- they have this Ten Calorie type that's advertised as "10 manly calories." His main course was wonderfully seasoned hamburgers, topped with pepper jack cheese, on a toasted roll and tator tots.  All the fixings for the burgers were arranged on a big tray. The dessert was "cherries in the snow." 

Will read Romans 11:6 "And without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him."  We must have complete confidence that He exists, we must seek Him, we must come to Him and it pleases Him to reward us.


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