Thursday, May 09, 2013

Backside of wedding quilt

 Full Steam Ahead...

Been chugging through the projects.  Got three and a half quilts quilted up this week.  Even got one of them bound. This big one is for my nephew and his wife.  I won't show the front until it's bound.  Lord willing, that'll be this weekend's accomplishment.  My mom made the top.  It matches the baby quilt in yellow and blue in a previous post.  The quilting is plenty flawed, but they're nice folk and won't judge.
"Cutter Keeper"

Isn't that little "basket" adorable?  It's a "This and That" pattern and Sarah and I each made one about two years ago.  It was less than pleasant.  But Sandy liked mine and was wishing for one.  I would have just given her mine- anything to avoid having to make another one- but the colors weren't her style.  She had surgery, today, and so I was trying to think of something to take her.  Flowers?  It just seems redundant amidst the blooms of Spring.  So the basket with dark chocolate is gonna be the plan. Sarah, can I just say that it went together so much more smoothly this time- only took about two hours.  I think having one on hand and having already made one was helpful. Now she'll have a place to stash her scissors, and notions on her sewing table. It's lined with pockets.

Salad please!
"Mom, don't forget to tell Dad that we need some garbanzo beans for our salad!" Yep, Abe eats salad for breakfast and relishes it to the point of it almost being absurd.  But what mother can truly complain about a child loving his raw vegetables?  Not this one.

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Pamela (Peni) Teel said...

NOT THIS ONE EITHER... Way to go, Abe.

The quilt is great, Nines. If I lived next door, I'd bind it for you. :)