Monday, August 19, 2013

I found something to do! 
And I'm having a good time.  The kids have been good sports and are right there with me!  We're tearing the covers off of old books- nothing of any value, I assure you.  No, not all books are worth keeping for posterity. We're using the covers for "canvases."  Works like a charm.  Then we tear into just about anything we can get our hands on: paint, varnish, paper, stamps, tissue, burlap, cardboard, tape, sandpaper... really, there's no end of possibilities.  We even use straws and toothpicks.  I love to see what the kids are coming up with, too.  All so different. All of my paintings have collections of words on them.  I flip through the books that are de-nuded of their covers and cut out any words that I like the sound of or grab my attention and they all go into a box.  When I'm done with the picture, I pull them all out and make a single thought out of some of them.  No plan, just whatever strikes my fancy at the time.  It's a stress-free activity- I mean, the more distressed it looks the more I tend to like it.  That's just me, maybe.  And there's nothing "realistic" about the girls- so accuracy isn't an issue. My arm doesn't mind the light exercise.  It's all good. Four more weeks of physical therapy and maybe I'll be out there sewing again.  I keep seeing quilts I want to make.  
Gotta run!  String beans to pick!  (The kids are a huge help with all the lifting that canning involves.  I wash jars, help pick, snap and pack jars.  They move beans, and lift pots.  A real team effort.)
Local artisans at work.  My kids and nieces.
Don't be afraid- she now has a rooster on the fence by her.



Elaine Adair said...

Oh my goodness, you are brilliant!!! And so are your children as well. I'm proud to just "know" you! 8-)))

Pamela (Peni) Teel said...

I really do need to come back and play with you, don't I? Keep having fun!!!!

Synthia said...

Your pictures are beautiful!! You are soooo talented. Glad your arm is getting better. I pray you are at 100% soon. Your children are such a blessing and wonderful help to you.

imas said...

wooowww, really nice batik you've made! great! maybe we can talk about batik later :) regards