Friday, December 27, 2013

Abe's Feast...

Say, "Hi!" to Abe.  He's 10 and very happy to be in "the double digits." Abe is an active kid- spending his summers swimming, riding his bike and building bases.  The winter months are a bit of a trial for him as he's stuck inside, squirming and fidgeting.  Perhaps the trial is more on our end... He loves to read and that's a blessing during these cold months.  He likes action and adventure books. Abe's a loving child who cries when I cry and is very good at the encouraging pat on the back.  He's extremely analytical.  He sees how everything is connected and likes to set your mind at ease that all is as it should be.  He's calm, cool and collected and doesn't talk overly much. But when he chooses to say something... well, it's usually rather interesting... He was riding home from the wedding with his older brother, Dan, and made this statement:
Abe- "Today was a very good day!" 
Dan- "Why?" 
Abe- "Because Paul got married, today." 
Dan- "Why does that make it a good day?" 
Abe-"Because now he won't be the desperate man I always thought he would be."
Alrighty then.
Abe had a "science man" feast.  As you can see from his table, he had lots of "chemicals" and scientific concoctions decorating his table- laid with a "sterile" white tablecloth.  He had the kind of great time only a 10 year old could have mixing all the different food colorings into the jars of water.  For his appetizer, he made red jello in solo cups and then inverted them onto plates.  There were green grapes suspended in the jello to creep people out.  Everyone agreed we should have jello more often. His main course was a build-your-own-taco bar.  A big hit. He made the beverage in front of everyone, laughing maniacally as he poured together pineapple juice and lemon lime soda in a stainless steel bowl- lots of fizzing and foaming and such. His dessert was hanging from the ceiling.  Every year, Abe makes rice crispy treats. This year, he shaped them into planets and pushed the sticks of lollipops into them for satellite moons. He had them hanging from thin threads so they spun in circles when you touched them.  He made three batches so that everyone could have plenty.  For his gifts, he found some very fun spinning tops at the dollar store that light up in different colors when they're spinning.  It was a very good- and colorful- evening!      


Isobel said...

What a neat kid. (He also gives really good hugs, folks) Love the idea of the planets. Way to !!

Tamara Hampton said...

what an awesome feast and soooo creative. I love the desserts hanging from the ceiling!!

Susan said...

How great! You are still doing these in December. Abe's conversation made me laugh. That's a brother for ya.