Saturday, January 18, 2014

Just a few finishes...

These are the quilts I gifted to my son and his new bride for their wedding.  A couple of the tops were already done and so, considering the short amount of preparation time, it was the perfect solution.  I no longer feel so guilty for having a tub of unquilted tops- they've gotten me out a bind on several occasions.  Paul works for Toyota and, after Christmas, his next vacation is in July and they didn't want to wait that long. The string quilt is huge- we have ten foot ceilings- John and Eva are holding it up pretty high there.  I tried to make up for it's simplicity by more intricate quilting- but not too much because I did mention the time crunch, right?

This tropical kaleidoscope was especially for Kim- she loves hibiscus and brights.  She's from the South Seas and always cold.  Maybe this will help keep her warm. It was a funny coincidence she was wearing her own blue and yellow tropical dress to her wedding shower! (Notice the "Cattle Crossing" sign above the staircase door?  When all six boys lived here, that's certainly how it sounded!)

This picture doesn't do this quilt justice.  Sarah N. of and I decided to make a challenge quilt.  We went to Joann's and choose a fabric(of which neither of us were thrilled with- rather like a couple.  Neither knowing what they want to do, so doing what neither want to do.  A compromise.)  At any rate, Sarah sewed the batik squares and I sewed the stars.  It turned out pretty.  Paul loves black and Kim loves pink... win/win.

Finally, this blue one is my favorite because Paul made it when he was just a boy- maybe 12y.  He picked out all the fabrics and did all of the sewing(I just put the outer border on to grow it a bit.)  I could tell as I was quilting it that he had meticulously adhered to the 1/4" seam allowance rule.  But if any of you know him, you know that's a given. Meticulous or not at all.


julieQ said...

I just really love your Scrappy coin quilt, and the quilting...yummy! Do you do your own quilting??

Pamela (Peni) Teel said...

What a special collection (not to mention generous) for a wedding gift. It's almost uncanny how quilt tops have a way of matching up perfectly with some future need. I have a tub (or two) full that are yours if you want 'em. I would absolutely trust you to put them to good use!

Paul? Meticulous? Indeed, indeed.