Friday, September 30, 2005

I've Got the Blue and Green Blues....

Yeah, I think it's finally happened. The sight of blue and green makes me queasy. I was all inspired by Sarah's blue and yellow stars and thought I'd use the idea of a bunch of 1/2 square triangles. I didn't figure they would work as stars 'cause there just wasn't going to be enough contrast in the blue and green scraps I had, but thought I'd play with it awhile. But now I am tired of it as the last several quilts have been blue and green- I planned to use it all up, but it seems to be like those brooms in Fantasia- they just keep breeding more blue and green. So, I've made an executive decision. It's going into a two-gallon zip lock bag- what would I do without those things?- and it will hibernate for the winter. After all, Quilting is the great unfinished business. I could push myself to work with it, but where's the fun in that? I'll pull it out in the spring, and say,"That's right! In just a few hours I could have this thing finished and it'll be a great quilt." Doesn't that sound like a better alternative?


Sarah said...

Seeing this picture reminds me to remind you to send me a copy of that pattern.

Miss you ! Wish you were here and we could have a sew-fest weekend!

Love, Sarah

Finn said...

Great quilt snapshots, but I am in total agreement. Sometimes you just hit the wall with color combinations..enough already one thinks. The 2 gallon ziplocks? I haven't tried those yet, but I think I could be hooked. I'm queen of the "pack up and put away"...LOL. Keep up the great work !