Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Autumn Has Come To the Prairie....

The fields have turned to copper and it reminds me that the cool days and long nights of autumn are upon us here in the midwest. I love this time of the year. I enjoy the ever changing scene out my quilting room window and it pushes me to finish the jobs that are hanging over my head. Lots of quilts for clients that need to be done for the holidays. Less than 12 left and I can feel the load lightening. I see the light at the end of the tunnel and I'm praying it ain't a train!
I worked at the quilt shop, today. I really enjoy my Tuesdays. I have the chance to spend all day looking at and feeling beautiful new fabrics and quilts. Sometimes, Tanya has me cut out a quilt for her and she, amazingly, will have it done by the following Tuesday. How does she do that? Sometimes I help her draft the instructions for the block-of-the-month pattern. It is always a challenge describing in two deminsional words a three deminsional concept. I have nothing but the greatest respect for those people that write books and directions for quilt patterns. Sometimes I help Tanya gather up what she needs for a quilt show. You can't imagine the amount of thought and work involved in a two or three day quilt show. And she has four this month. When I describe what I do at the quilt shop, I usually just say I am the grunt. I may not know what the answers to the questions are, but I am willing to help push, pull, or tug it wherever it needs to be! And now I'm tired and I'm headed to beddy bye!

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