Monday, October 24, 2005

Meditation.... for Mom...

During my morning meditation, I spent a moment in contemplation of the accumulation of aggravation I felt over the escalation in my expectation stemming from the miscalculation of the expiration of consolation I found in the domination of my mind over my heart... resulting in the constipation of useless information in my meditation.


Sarah said...

Oh my! Would you like an enema?

Love you!


Darcie said...

LOL Gracious! I'm glad I know that you and Sarah are good friends!!!

Which doesn't make my first-reaction/comment so bad after all...cuz when I first saw this picture...I noticed those darling "bags!" LOL ;-) LOL

Seriously. Did you and your mom make them yourselves?


Dawn said...

I think I can't even digest all that!
But the bags (and picture) is wonderful!

Nines said...

Darcie- My sister- the truly talented one in the family- made the bags out of an old rummage sale quilt that she bought for about $5. She has a fancy embroidery machine and made the little pockets on them. She made a "pocket" for Sarah, and now I am faced with the task of trying to imitate the real thing. Wish me luck!

Darcie said...

I'd say that your Mom has two truly talented daughters, for sure!

What a great idea for using an old quilt that probably had some "areas beyond recognition" anyway! Maybe?